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Loading binaries produced with Nintendo tools

Posted by flarup 
Loading binaries produced with Nintendo tools
November 25, 2010 12:49AM
Hi all,

In the latest blog post at HackMii (http://hackmii.com/2010/11/developers-developers-developers) I noticed that they wrote the following about HBC:

"our code is generic enough to work on development hardware and to load binaries produced with Nintendo’s tools (on any hardware)"

I have previously tried to use wiiload.exe to run .elf files generated with Nintendo tools on a softmodded Wii (not a Nintendo dev machine) through HBC - but without any luck. It displays an error saying that the file is not an executeable file. I also tried to convert it into a .dol file using the elf2dol converter, but that didn't work either (the converter complained about some segments).

Anyone knows how to run code generated with Nintendo tools though HBC on a normal softmodded Wii? If I understand the latest post from HackMii correct, then this should be possible?

Kind regards,
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