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read error tests for wii/gc

Posted by pepsi_max2k 
read error tests for wii/gc
February 04, 2011 09:51PM
Ok, this may very well go against all these big red messages everywhere, so I do apologise in advance, and can only promise it's not quite what it may look like and I've no intention of annoying anyone. plus, the other forum I just tried to get info from does seem to be, erm... filled with children of sorts. I'm hoping the nix guys will be a little more grown up about things :) If it leads to an instant permaban, so be it :)

EDIT: guess not. getting a lovely flash movie for, I'm guessing, using a word beginning with "b". Love censorship. Ok, some editing later....

Anyway... I run a used video game sales business, and am possibly one of the very few people in the industry that not only care about the quality of goods my customers receive, but also like to put some technical know-how in to achieving this.

Therefore, almost every single disc I sell gets a read error test of sorts (or just read from a to b, whatever, preferably on hardware it's originally destined for, when it's not stupidly slow). PS1/2 discs get read error'd on a PC (it's just quicker that any other solution), Xbox get taken over FTP (quickish *and* reliable results), 360 just a simple "install" through dashboard (even better, everything's done on original hardware), etc etc. Whatever can tell me the disc is fully readable is fine. And if it can tell me a file name of anything that fails, even better. And if it can do this on the hardware the thing is actually gonna get used on by a customer, epic win.

What I deffinately don't need is anything that can run anything. These aren't "spares", any stored output is purely waste produce and sent straight to /dev/null (or it's lovely graphical equivalent). I really couldn't care less about the playback of anything at all, jesus I'm surounded by the damn things and if I even had the time to play things, I'd use it to sleep, or eat, or one of those luxuries I get far too little of these days. Hope you get my point :o)

Anyway, I'm now looking for a useful Wii / Gamecube solution (just got my first wii :d) . Gamecube's FTP is slow as anything, and I hear all the usual stuff on the Wii is just as slow, and pretty basic, designed primarily for said "rum + whisky drinkers".

And I'm guessing a *nix distro may help a little more - all I really need is access to the disc drive, wii optical disc file system, and a way to read data on the disc (no need to take any data off it, just to verify it). How that's done though, I don't really care. If someone's ported some disc scanning software, great, if not, just a transfer from a > b would be enough.

Any ideas if going after a *nix distro would help (are there even any drivers for the optical drive)? Would be nice to see some reliable way of testing this stuff anyway. Or I can go back to the "educated guess" method. At least it's quicker than most other methods :) Thanks.
Re: read error tests for wii/gc
February 04, 2011 09:52PM
oh wait, I just had to tick that box didn't I? Oh well, probably fail the forum useability test anyway. meh... you know, legality is all relative anyway? or something like that.

wiiro scandisc, anyone?
Re: read error tests for wii/gc
February 05, 2011 03:06PM
CleanRip would probably be your best bet, with the small disadvantage that it's designed as a ripper so it will expect some space to be available on an SD or USB device to dump a disc image into (which you can just wipe later). It's fairly quick, normally less than 30 mins for a full wii game, less than 10 for a GC game.
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