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Wii won't recognize more than 1 remote w/ certain games [recently] .. Any ideas?

Posted by squall987 
Wii won't recognize more than 1 remote w/ certain games [recently] .. Any ideas?
December 20, 2011 04:47PM
Hi, I hope this is in line with the rules.

First of all, I Letterbombed my Wii ONLY so I could launch games from US and Japanese regions. I use Gecko to launch any game.
I'm living in Japan and using my US Wii. All was fine and dandy. I have 4 Japanese games and have successfully played multiplayer in all of them in the last two months..

However, my girlfriend was over recently, and we were really looking forward to playing Donkey Kong Country Returns (Japanese version). We played last month and cleared the first world. No issues.

We also played Rhythm Heaven, Wii Sports Resort, and Punch Out. All of them being Japanese versions. No issues.

So the other day, when we booted up Donkey Kong, we couldn't get a second remote to register with the system, but only while that game was in use. Going back to the main menu, or putting in Rhythm Heaven or Wii Sports Resort, the system had no problems synching more than one remote.. (All controllers are hard synced to the system already). Anyway, after messing with it for 10 minutes, resetting the game, the system, attempting to resync controllers multiplayer times... no matter what, it would only allow one controller to be connected at a time. it didn't discriminate between remotes, so I know it's something to do with the game.

Today, I tried to figure it all out, and realized the same issue is happening with Punchout, though I was playing that just last month as well. The only possible changes to the Wii since then have been update to game data... Maybe I got further in Punchout, or played Rhythm Heaven a little bit more. I didn't add anything or take anything off the SD card.

I tried launching a different version of Gecko, but to no avail.

Does anyone know what the problem is? Any suggestions?

I should mention I don't know much about what I'm doing as far as messing with this stuff, goes. Wonder if I should format the Wii's memory or something..

Ideas? Thanks guys..

EDIT: Apparently the problem is isolated to specific games, regardless of whether the Wii is modded. The controller can only be connected once the player starts the two player mode and is then asked to press A on controller 2. Please delete this message. Thanks anyway!

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Re: Wii won't recognize more than 1 remote w/ certain games [recently] .. Any ideas?
December 20, 2011 06:28PM
Not gonna delete in case it helps someone else searching about this problem. Thanks for posting the solution you found.
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