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Insane amount of verify failures

Posted by akilvan 
Insane amount of verify failures
January 28, 2012 02:16AM
Alright. So I letterbombed my Wii. Installed BootMii(IOS), HBC, Priiloader and such.
Made a NAND backup and was on my way. Dumped the files from the sdcard to my computer.
Installed some apps, yada yada yada.
Time goes on, I accidentally delete my backup files on my computer.
No biggie, right? I'll just backup my NAND again.
Run the BootMii installer, prepare my sdcard and reinstall BootMii (didn't even think about it).
Here's my problem:
I run the backup, and everything's dandy until verification.
Starts verifying, and about 1/6 of the way in, verification starts failing everywhere. Every new block that is being verified is failing. At the end it tells me that some thousands of blocks failed the verification.
I try and dump the nand.bin to my computer (completely disregarding the failures) and it tells me that the file can't be copied because it is corrupted.
I've tried formatting, and I would try a different sdcard except that I don't have another one that I can use. I don't really wanna install anything else without having a reliable NAND backup.
Any suggestions?

Also: I'm running the installer from a USB drive. I have both in my Wii and use the USB storage for apps. I dunno if that makes a difference but just thought I'd throw that out there.
Another thing is that I patched my IOS (trucha bug) between my successful and unsuccessful backups. Would that change anything?

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Re: Insane amount of verify failures
January 28, 2012 02:23PM
Do you realise that even if you do get a backup made, it'll be useless if you actually brick your Wii, because you only have BootMii/IOS? For BootMii to give brick protection, you need to have BootMii/boot2, which can't be installed on newer Wiis. Which is not to say don't make a backup (it can still be used in a worst case scenario using a hardware NAND flasher), but it's not as important/useful as it would be with BootMii/boot2.

I'd still recommend trying to get a backup done though.
Re: Insane amount of verify failures
January 28, 2012 04:47PM
It still wouldn't help even in conjunction with Priiloader? I was thinking that if I couldn't get into my system menu for some reason or another then I could boot into Priiloader and open up BootMii from there. I could be completely wrong though (I haven't been doing this for very long), so correct me if I am.
Re: Insane amount of verify failures
January 28, 2012 04:56PM
You are correct that you could access BootMii that way, but if you could access BootMii like that, there IS a better solution to your problem than restoring a NAND dump. (BootMii/IOS actually makes you enter a special code using a GC controller to be able to restore a NAND dump, because it's not safe, and if you can get into BootMii/IOS, there is always a better solution). For example, you can load HBC or another piece of homebrew through Priiloader, such as dop-Mii, which will let you fix the System Menu.
Re: Insane amount of verify failures
January 28, 2012 05:14PM
Ah I see. So by just having DOP-Mii and Priiloader I'm relatively safe from a brick? No other steps should be taken to 'brick-proof' my Wii? Or is there something else you would recommend doing?
Re: Insane amount of verify failures
January 28, 2012 05:24PM
There is really nothing other than Priiloader you can do to protect a Wii that cannot install BootMii/boot2. However, unless you're being stupid, you should never brick your Wii anyway.
Re: Insane amount of verify failures
January 29, 2012 01:15AM
If you want a proper NAND backup I think there's no option but to get a new SD card, that one sounds like it's dying.
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