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BootMii as Boot2 question.

Posted by EarlAB 
BootMii as Boot2 question.
July 17, 2012 05:15PM
I just got a quick question...I've heard people talk about their disc drive lighting up when they have Boot2 or something and their Wii is bricked...I don't really know much about Boot2, but my Wii lights up every time when I turn it on. What exactly is Boot2? :(
Re: BootMii as Boot2 question.
September 16, 2012 11:04PM
Boot2 is basically a process which happens before the system menu starts up. It is run by boot1, which is run by boot0. If you are installing bootmii, install it as boot2 rather than IOS, as it is a better version. If you want to know more about boot0, boot1, and boot2, look it up on wiibrew.org

Be sure to install the homebrew channel FIRST. I suggest you also install priiloader too. Make a NAND backup too and make sure you have at least 1gb free space on your sd card. Best if it is a Sandisk 2gb standard SD card.

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Re: BootMii as Boot2 question.
September 23, 2012 04:17AM
The light coming on at boot is normal. If boot2 is broken, that might be the only thing your Wii does.
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