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Question for Letterbomb

Posted by Squeezit 
Question for Letterbomb
July 30, 2012 06:27AM
Hey I got Letterbomb on my wii, and it seems to have worked awesome.

But I cannot run Riivolution or USBLoader.
Don't worry, nothing is pirated or anything like that, I just want to play the japanese Fatal Frame 4 in english, and I want to mod my copy of smash bros brawl.

Riivolution says IOS37 must be downgraded to continue:
then it goes through the process but fails at Installing
"Error installing. (-2011) The installation did not complete successfully.
I need this to run Brawl Texter Mods.

Furthermore, USB loader works if I don't have a USB plugged in.
But if I plug my USB in before I load USB loader, it freezes on Initalize USB Device.

I've tried plugging in my USB after loading USB loader, but that does not work, it doesn't seem to recognize my USB.

Any help?
Re: Question for Letterbomb
July 30, 2012 10:43AM
We will not offer any assistance with USB loaders.

For Riivolution, download dop-Mii and run it on your Wii. Go into the IOS menu, select IOS37 and install the revision before the current one. If it offers to let you patch the IOS, make sure you do NOT install any patches. Then Riivolution should work.
Re: Question for Letterbomb
July 30, 2012 02:58PM
Ok, for the record I actually do own the game that I wanted to use in Usb loader.
But it's ok I got another way to use this region locked game with the disc now :) Thanks
Re: Question for Letterbomb
October 20, 2012 09:36PM
Hey, I have the same problem. I did what you said. However, when I loaded Dop-Mii from the Homebrew Channel, my Wii froze after the first screen showed up! I tried it again, and the same thing happened! How do I fix this?
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