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hombrew stopped working, thinking of starting over

Posted by jeff2ava 
hombrew stopped working, thinking of starting over
March 16, 2013 12:30AM
I stopped using my wii awhile ago. I've recently tried to use it again. discovering hombrew channel has changed a bit, now it needs a SD card to run. I did the update the it asked me about prepping an SD card, I didn't have one on hand and ignored. realized after I needed it. I downloaded a file and got home brew to start loading but it goes into and awful sound and colorful screen fault of sorts.
Im having issues with internet connections and I'm thinking maybe the wii system update will help. But I kinda remember disabling updates at one point during the hack. And I get the error code32007 when I try. Should I continue triing to get homebrew going, give up,
can this situation be helped?
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