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Wii Bricked

Posted by NeoSX 
Wii Bricked
April 01, 2009 10:43PM
So I tried to downgrade my Wii and I changed the region by mistake. I changed it to EUR. I installed a system menu file and it was a USA one. Now my wii is bricked, I bought a savemii and the system version is showing up with 3.2 EUR. However, I tried putting in WII music to install 3.4 and it did not work. What else can I do?
Re: Wii Bricked
April 02, 2009 02:50PM
..try another game with 3.3/3.4 in its update partition ?
Re: Wii Bricked
April 02, 2009 02:56PM
So, say animal crossing is 3.3 I think, it'll overrite the 3.2 EUR and change it back to USA for me?
Re: Wii Bricked
April 02, 2009 06:51PM
yeah should do. btw is it full bricked or semi-bricked ?
Re: Wii Bricked
April 02, 2009 07:26PM
its fully bricked, the opera screen came on. so, any idea why wii music doesnt work?
Re: Wii Bricked
April 02, 2009 09:05PM
i tried animal crossing and no luck. I have an usa wii and its changed to EUR, so whats my next option? How long does it take for the update to download?
Re: Wii Bricked
April 03, 2009 05:41AM
try using the savemiifrii method with your 3.4 disc... it should work
Re: Wii Bricked
April 03, 2009 05:50AM
you mean wit hthe gamecube controller? i tried pressing all 4 buttons down, no luck.
Re: Wii Bricked
April 03, 2009 08:55AM
you mean wit hthe gamecube controller? i tried pressing all 4 buttons down, no luck.
you aregoing to have to take the controlled appeart and remove a piece that Inhibits all 4 from being pressed Down...

Also, it has to be pluged into the 4th GC slot...
D2Pro Modded Wii Bricked
April 19, 2009 06:22AM
I am zero in wii knowledge, with my friends help I got my wii d2pro V3 modded, I accidentally updated wii when I tried to play zelda game which is downloaded.
Now I can play any games as usual, but cannot access settings as I get some opera browser messages appearing, I came to know from some forums that my wii is modded & savemii will help. I bought a savemii from amazon & followed as as below.
1) Switched off wii,
2) Inserted savemii & switched on
3) Saw red light was on followed by green light
4) Screen showed me 3.3(USA) on bottom right corner
5) Downloaded a system menu iso from net ( wii-system-menu-update-USA-v289.iso)
6) Made as auto boot disc using Wii_Bootme executing command like (c:/>BootMe.exe wii-system-menu-update-USA-v289.iso a). I am using vista OS.
7) Burnt this iso with nero burn @4x speed.
8) Inserted this disc when I saw the version.

I waited for a couple of hours but noting happened, it was still showing 3.3(USA).
I couldn't switch off with it's power button, so I unplugged to power off
Removed savemii hoping I can access settings, but couldn't.

I don't have any idea what happened, if somebody can help me in this, it is greatly appreciated.
Am I using right update disc? not sure.

I just followed document said by savemii in [savemii.net].

Re: D2Pro Modded Wii Bricked
July 04, 2009 04:13PM
Hello buzzbiki, I have almost the same problem... It appears that you can only update to a higher System Menu, as you are already in the 3.3, to save your Wii you will have to update it to System Menu 3.4 or later. []'s
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