April 09, 2009 08:31PM
System Menu 3.2U
Homebrew Installed

About a month ago I was sorting my channels like shop channel and mii channel using any title deleter. I wanted Homebrew channel right next to my disc channel along with my internet and wii speak channels. (All channels were purchased or acquired through peripheral purchases) So after moving everything around, the system played fine for about a month.
Now today I decided I wanted to remove Homebrew completely from my system and when I deleted the channel, my disc channel would no longer play Twilight Princess or Smash Bros, but worked fine with Wii Fit. Any suggestions?
Will also add that my system was updated by Wii Fit to system menu 3.3U

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Re: Brick?
April 09, 2009 11:21PM
Ok, just updated to 4.0 and games work again! Shew.
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