Bricked wii, need help
May 31, 2009 03:39AM
Aight, its a launch wii, i had system menu 3.2u on it. When i turn on the wii with either the remote or the console buttons, it will turn on, drive runs, but i get a black screen. savemiifree doesnt do anything for the console at all... it has hbc installed, with the cIOS on it, twilight hack was still on the console in the save data. it has a d2pro in it, used to have a wiikey, but i lifted a pad when i was testing a brand new soldering iron that was crap.

When it was running, it was my parents console, and my mom wanted to play the new donkey kong game(jungle beat??), anyways, she removed the update from the disk, and the game would show up, but only show a black screen after attempting to boot, so i extracted the ios wad files from the update partition, and installed those manually with wad manager(same thing i had to do with madworld). anyways, after i installed all the ios wads, it was bricked after that..... ive read about using the infectus2 programmer to reprogram crap, but i dont have a dump of the NAND, so there are no keys backed up. is there anything that i can do to get this wii back working right??? im about to buy a wii off ebay that has a broken drive, and swap the drives out, and take this one for a loss for now.

any ideas???
Re: Bricked wii, need help
June 01, 2009 04:14AM
if you have the twilight hack save game + 3.2U than you might be lucky...try pressing all D-pad buttons of your gc controller at the same time while powering on the wii (just like in this youtube video: []). it should go into the rescue menu where you only see a blackscreen + your firmware at the lower right corner of your tv.

EDIT: the gc controller HAS to be plugged into the FOURTH controller port, or otherwise it won't work!

just one question:

please tell me starfall was installed on your wii...

if yes, you just have to put in a original twilight princess game and it should start...from there on you can perform the twilight hack again, open wad manager and uninstall the wad that caused the brick.

if you didn't have starfall (or preloader) installed you will need to have a modchip,which is capable of running autobootable images.once you have that modchip, you can burn a newer version of the system menu onto a dvd, put it in your wii while being in the rescue menu and it should overwrite your firmware and hopefully unbricking your wii.

hope that helped...

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Re: Bricked wii, need help
June 03, 2009 01:14AM
doubt there is a fix...
Re: Bricked wii, need help
June 05, 2009 10:36AM
i believe in my first post, in all that nonsense, i said that i have the zelda twilight princess hack installed, ive tried savemiifrii and it didnt work, i didnt have starfall or anything else (pre boot enviorment), and had a mod chip installed. anywho...

any chance of somehow getting a proper flash, or restoring something to the flash chip with infectus and my pc?? maybe installing bootmii to the boot2 part of the NAND flash chip, then making that boot, or something???
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