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boot2 NAND-FS format

Posted by crediar 
boot2 NAND-FS format
June 16, 2009 12:57AM
The other day I bricked my again, no big deal I though since I got bootmii and an infectus.

Went into bootmii and restored a NAND backup which I created (and tested) before, but after selecting the System menu or HBC the screen stayed black.

Then I used infectus to flash an image, which I flashed like 20 times or more and it has always been working, but this also didn't work.

So I took a dump of my non working NAND and I could see that the SFFS tables were 'cleared' the only things left were the root folders and the /sys/uid.sys file. I took a look at boot2 and indeed when ISFS_GetStats returns an error (except -104) it happly calls ISFS_Format way to go nintendo what a good idea!

I tried multiple images and so far none worked boot2 always formats the image.

so does anyone have any ideas?
Re: boot2 NAND-FS format
June 17, 2009 07:11PM
It takes a master to answer the question of another master. :)
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