semi brick wii
June 20, 2009 07:37AM
i know there are many topics like this,but i can't find the right answer,so i make this thread
i believe my system was 2.x and when i played brawl it updated to 3.1,wii is japanese,brawl is us/english
my wii is semi bricked,can't access system settings,still plays games
haven't edited the wifi settings,so can't use anyregion changer
i want to know where i can get the offline version of anyregion changer(sorry if not allowed)or,if i can use the semi brick wii disc from hackmii without a modchip,and,if my router wifi settings is free(anyone can use it to connect)but haven't changed the wifi settings,will anyegion changer use my one to connect,and last if,i have a jap game that needs 3.1J,will it ask me to update to it?therefore fixing my problem?thanks whoever helps me solve this problem :D

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Re: semi brick wii
June 20, 2009 09:51PM
Get a Japanese game that will update you to >3.1.
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