Re: help bricked wii
July 12, 2009 01:37PM
ok il try this out when get the chance, well hbc was installed in the bricked firmware since my bro told me that he used that to run the apps that bricked the unit. so i guess there is still some hope to revive this bricked wii:)

so basically the bricked wii is a 4.0j with hbc installed but it got bricked upon downgrade. so after i copy the bootmii i hope hbc boots up :)

il keep you guys posted hope this works
Re: help bricked wii
July 15, 2009 05:30AM
i have already copied over the 0x21000 - 0x108000 from the good dump to the bricked dump. now if i can find time to flash it to the nand and solder it back to the wii to actually try if it will boot up with bootmii. :) by the way does the sd card have to be in the wii for bootmii to boot up ?
Re: help bricked wii
July 15, 2009 05:34PM
When Bootmii doesn't detect an SD card, it will just boot the Nintendo internal boot2 ELF, which boots the sysmenu. You need to have the SD card inserted to use Bootmii to run HBC.(Or access the Bootmii menu) If booting HBC fails, check the system info.
Re: help bricked wii
July 20, 2009 01:21PM
bad news, already flashed the file to the nand. but for some reason after programming the programmer warned the verify error because of bad block. But i went on ahead since i thought the programming did finish. so installed the nand back to the board when i turned it on nothing just garbled screen. fan doesnt seem to work although never really noticed if it did work before. before removing nand when i turned it on screen would flash once then black screen.

well all out of ideas am thinking of maybe using another nand to try to flash the program then re install to the wii ?
Re: help bricked wii
July 20, 2009 02:36PM
Other NAND backups won't work. They are encrypted differently.
Re: help bricked wii
July 20, 2009 05:38PM
What programmer software did you use? The official Infectus software has issues. Maybe try anonxiflash.(Win32 build available on Hackmii) What block was invalid? If the fan doesn't work, something is probably wrong with boot2. So Bootmii doesn't load either, with SD card inserted? Also, confirm the filesize of the NAND dump you're flashing is exactly 0x21000000 bytes. I can't fix or change NAND FS or SFFS, that requires reverse engineering of IOS to learn how to properly HMAC sign FS clusters and SFFS.(I don't know the exact code used, however I can RE, but reverse engineering of the FFS module is a slow process...)
Re: help bricked wii
July 26, 2009 05:22PM
well my reader/writer is from china. it came with a software that updates from time to time. I have already emailed the company that made the programmer and the support said that that certain nand was not tested so it could have some bugs. i wonder if other software flasher can be used on my reader/writer.

thanks yellow start, but i need to fix the issues for my nand reader writer, i have a gut feeling that it should boot up, i guess there is something wrong after programming the nand. i hope the company that made the machine will eventually come out with the bug fix. :(

i told the support that i hope a new update with the bug fix will come out soon as i need to use that particular i.c.
Re: help bricked wii
July 26, 2009 05:31PM
what is anonxiflash? wonder if this could be configured to word with my reader/writer ?
Re: help bricked wii
July 26, 2009 05:56PM
amoxiflash is an alternative to the official Infectus NAND programmer software, for the Infectus NAND programmer hardware only. What is this hardware you're using?
Re: help bricked wii
July 27, 2009 06:01AM
am using a universal programmer its a chinese brand. it can support all sorts of nand flash and etc. so this programmer has its own software. the nand that the wii use is in the list of its nand but then as the support team says its not yet tested, so the reason for the bug. am thinking that when i reprogrammed the nand it wasnt successful maybe the reason why it keeps on failing when i try to verify.
Re: help bricked wii
November 12, 2009 06:43PM
Never mind, it's simple to find the boot2 version inside an NAND dump /w spare data: check the big-endian u16(2 bytes) at 0x21ee0 in the dump, for the boot2 version. I found this by searching for 0000000100000001 twice, then the version is 0x50 bytes after that.

I have
0x21ee0 00 03 00 01 00 00 00 00-00 00 00 00 00 00 00 01
0x21ef0 00 00 00 00 00 02 3F 71-EA 5C 22 73 C8 AB AD 2B
0x21f00 13 64 7B B4 CB 2D 20 F0-F9 49 29 51 00 00 00 00
Does that mean I have boot2 version 3? Please help.

Stupided question:
- If we change at " 0x21ee0 - 0x21ee1 " from " 00 04 " to " 00 03 " : What happen when we flash back to NAND Chip (same NAND Chip from begining).


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