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Frozen on health screen, see here

Posted by JavG 
Frozen on health screen, see here
August 02, 2009 06:31PM
Ok, new poster here, I dont do intros, so I'll just make this my first post on your boards.
I've seen tons of people say "well maybe this will work" or "I've heard of" and all that other junk that gives a half-hazy idea of what "could" work I was reading posts for 2 days to see what "could" be wrong, researching different fixes that may work

I had preloader and bootmii installed, but they wouldnt load, so essentially no preloader, no bootmii
I didnt have the $30 dongle or zelda

ok, so the frozen health screen, I had a 4.1u downgraded to 3.2u and I installed the darkwii theme (which I hadnt realised was a 4.0 theme) with bricked me at the health screen, frozen totally up.

so, I went out and bought a used original nintendo-made GC controller ($20 canadian), took it apart (uses tri-head screws, replace with phillips screws if you happen to have some roughly the same size lying around, I did), so I could push the 4 directional buttons (up, down, left, right) on the d-pad, which only works after you disassemble the controller (you can put it back together afterwards with no issues of usage).

Then after fiddle-farting around testing cds and dvds with iso's and etc to try and make an autoboot disk (gave up after 4 hours), I looked through my (original disk) wii games to see which of them had been released last (just tried remembering which was the newest one, which was wii fit).

so, grocery list:
Wii soft-modded (no chip, no $30 dongle or any of that junk) (bricked / semi bricked - frozen at health screen [mine was frozen at the dark wii health screen])

game to update from (I used wii fit, you just gotta test your games, or rent one from the local video store that is the newest released game which should have an update on it)

GC controller (see above - take apart to be able to press all 4 direction at same time - didnt work until it was taken apart)


turn on wii
insert game
turn off wii

press and hold all 4 directions simultaneously on d-pad of disassembled GameCube Controller
turn on wii

this will bring up a black screen with the wii firmware version number in the lower right corner
let go of directional buttons on GC controller and go get cup of coffee

there wont be a install screen or anything, it'll just show the firmware version number while it installs in the background, takes 2-3 minutes, then it will boot into the wii menu, all fixed and wonderful.

now just take mental note of what you did before, and dont do it again.

reassemble GC controller, and enjoy your fixed wii with all your saved games and channels where they should be

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