My Problem, Semi-Brick?
September 11, 2009 05:52PM
First off, I have bootmii installed in boot2 with a working nand backup
US launch wii running the latest system menu

I have the dr mario online wiiware game purchased and recently tried to play it again. The system locked up but holding the power button will reboot and things are back to normal. I figured I could delete the game and re-download it from the shop channel. Deleting goes fine in the file management section but then when I load the shop channel, it freezes on a black screen. The same thing happens with my Tetris party but not with any other wiiware or vc. Now when I reboot, it powers up but I get no signal to the television, blue screen. I can boot with my bootmii sd card in and then get to hbc, or restore my nand backup and get back to where I started.

Would a system format work? I read that it changes the keys so that my nand backup will be useless. Does the format remove bootmii? I know that I can re-download all my vc and ww games but what about DLC in rockband2 (lots) or GHWT? Can the savegame extractor work?
Re: My Problem, Semi-Brick?
September 11, 2009 06:06PM
Formatting the console will not change your console keys or delete bootmii in any way... formatting will only clear out all savegames / mii and settings, I don't think will be very useful. Try to search for an update from internet, maybe some previous installation went wrong....

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