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Corrupted system files

Posted by Died2Well 
Corrupted system files
November 04, 2008 05:10AM
Please i need some help!

i have a wii with a modchip.
i updated HBC to beta 9, and then i connected to the internet and downloaded the latest update (3.3?).
After that, everytime i inserted a disc, an error message pops up reading "system files are corrupted" (HBC still worked).
After some search on google, i found that the cause might be a faulty update, and the solution might be formatting the wii, so i did it.
After doing so, the same error apears every time i insert a disc, and on top of that, i don´t have hbc anymore!.
I tried to update again, but it says i have the latest update.

any help would be apreciated!

ps: i heard that some people had a similar problem, and after calling nintendo, they replaced it free of charge,
but i live in chile, and i have no way to contact them via phone.
ps2: sorry for my lousy english, im still learning it.


im still able to play burned isos that are exactly the same as the original game. Example: i was not able to play twilight princess because someone translated it to spanish, and i downloaded a custom guitar hero 3 and it also didn't work anymore. The homebrew installer on dvd also doesn´t work, bu every other backup game works fine.

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Re: Corrupted system files
November 10, 2008 09:09PM
This has been gone over zillions of times now. You can't use modified discs if you updated your Wii - especially not with the new update. There's a big fat warning on the wiki about not updating. This has nothing to do with HBC. Nothing is "wrong" with your wii.

Use an original Zelda and the twilight hack to install HBC again. Most homebrew will still work fine. "hacking" stuff will not.
Re: Corrupted system files
November 11, 2008 12:54AM
ok, thanks.
i downgraded mi wii to 3.2u, and everything is working fine now.
(note: i had to use a fix of the cios fom waninkoko and a wadmanager that uses ios16)
Re: Corrupted system files
November 29, 2008 12:52AM
3.2 is THE BEST version there is, u get stupid pointless things in later versions and u lose so much (if u update), simply dont update, these hackers r getting so fast they kill nintendo updates in a few hours
Re: Corrupted system files
December 06, 2008 03:02PM
in future if this happens and u cant find a solution just load games with gecko os
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