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Any friendly people out there

Posted by smeer516 
Any friendly people out there
October 14, 2009 12:21AM
So I decided to wait awhile before updating to system menu version 4.0.
Well everything went well until I updated my IOS60 to unlock security features on sd card transfers.
Followed all instructions correctly, black screen at bootup.
I have bootmii installed but never made a nand backup.

Heres my system information:

Bootmii b1.1

Sysmenu: 4.0u boot1b boot2v3
NAND FS usage: 75.3%

Does anyone have a nand backup to my wii's version that I can use and try to mend to maybe restore mine.

If anyone can help at all I will <3 you forever.
Re: Any friendly people out there
October 14, 2009 04:04AM
If only it was that easy. There are unique keys in the Wii that somehow make it impossible to just transfer another Wii's NAND.

If your BootMii is installed as boot2 (not IOS) and your SD card has the proper files for BootMii to run... and you still get a black screen, then your boot2 is probably corrupted. If so, then...

Sorry to say, but I think your Wii is bricked for good... unless you can extract your keys physically using some equipment, which is "possible". Then those keys would have to be patched into another NAND backup, which... well... just check this link out:


for all the trouble to go thru... unless I knew someone who has the skills & equipment, I personally might be tempted to just sell the brick to someone willing & able to meet bushing's requirements. Of course I might also be tempted to buy the equipment if it's not too expensive and make it my next little learning project... but that's just me. I would definitely need A LOT of help, since last I checked my soldering skills are total fail.
Re: Any friendly people out there
October 14, 2009 10:03AM
Il your bootmii loads on startup you can convert another dump compatible dump for your wii with betwiin. Look at this forum for details.
Re: Any friendly people out there
October 14, 2009 05:27PM
Well thankfully I was able to revive my system without doing any of that.
I was about to give up when i just decided to update the /bootmii folder inside of the sd card with the lastest version. It booted up to a black screen it looked like some code was running apparently and walla somehow that allowed my wii to get to the system menu
reinstalled ios60 with wad manager. good to go. thank you everyone :)

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