wiikey bricked
October 23, 2009 12:24AM
ok i have 2 wiis. [modded]1 wii [model#RVL-001(USA)serial#(LU50853014 6) is wiikey 1 with homebrew channel and bootmii.wii#2 [modei#RVL-001(USA)serial#(LU55679559 7)is wiikey 2 no homebrew channel.Ok my problem is wii #1 is bricked.this is what happend.I updated got a semi brick.(NO SETTINGS)so i downgraded to 2.2 with the homebrw channel.(got my settings back)i had two dead channels. so i put channel remover in and that did not work.so i put super smash bros brawl (copy disk ntsc)and updated. it updated all the way and then froze.so i unpluged the wii. when i pluged back in it was black screen. (nothing)i put my sd card in and restart and bootmii comes up.so i went to homebrew channel and i was back to my homebrew channel.now i went to sd card in channels to remove the homebrew channel. and it froze. so i deleted the homebrew channel threw channels. then i put in super smash bros brawl (copy disk ntsc)it asked me to update again. so i did. and the same thing. but now i can not get in to homebrew channel.(no backup nand)can i use wii#2s harddrive with wiikey2 to unbrick it by swiching it? or is there a solution that i can try. i am new at this
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