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Got any ideas?...

Posted by cl4r155483 
Got any ideas?...
October 29, 2009 03:55AM
ok so i now i know that i have to have preloader.30 to load the backup NAND for the bootmii ios...and i also know that i can install the bootmii as a bootmii 2. and since i already backed up the NAND using bootmii ios, and wasnt able to install preloader.30 because it kept giving me an error. is there any way to restore my wii back to the way it was before i softmodded it? and then softmod it again but this time installing the bootmii as a bootmii 2? or can i just uninstall bootmii and installing bootmii 2? if anybody is willing to help me by phone, it would be alot better to explain...let me know by sending me a pm for my phone number.
Re: Got any ideas?...
October 29, 2009 09:24AM
You will know if you can install Bootmii/Boot2, by using the Hackmii Installer. It doesn't interfere with preloader and is a lot more brick resistant than preloader-Bootmii/IOS. There is a way to return it to before you softmodded it, which basically amounts to downloading stuff off dop-IOS MOD and cleaning up in the Hackmii Installer.
Re: Got any ideas?...
October 30, 2009 01:55AM
ok, so since i already installed bootmii as an ios and preloader.30...is it possible to install bootmii2 as well then deleting preloader.30 and uninstalling bootmii ios? Then using the NAND file i backed up using bootmii ios to restore my wii back to the way it was...instead of using dop-ios even if its not bricked?
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