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Semi Brick help!

Posted by SheepyDaz 
Semi Brick help!
November 30, 2009 11:47PM
Hey there, I was recently given a wii to fix.
The wii is semi bricked where i cannot access the system menu.

I have managed to install homebrew channel on it using hackmii.

Is there an app i can find out what version im using so i can download the correct files to fix it?

Thanks in advanced.

Re: Semi Brick help!
December 01, 2009 12:48AM
Do you mean that you can't access the settings? If so, this is how to fix it:

Use NUS Downloader to download a system menu for your region and its IOS. For system menu 4.1, you need IOS 60 version 6174 and for 3.2, you need IOS 30 version 1040. Install the IOS first and then the system menu with WadImport. You must install the correct region system menu for your wii and the correct version of its IOS.

If you have a newer wii (serial number starting with LU64 or higher) you must install system menu 3.4 or higher as anything lower will brick your wii, I recomend 4.1. Also, if you are downgrading either the IOS or the system menu, you must run WADImport on a trucha bugged IOS.
Re: Semi Brick help!
December 01, 2009 01:10AM
yeah, sorry bad choice of words i cannot access the system settings.

Apparently the wii is from saudi arabia, so im asuming its pal?

So I run the wads for 4.1, I noticed the wii seems to be running a lot faster, but I still cant get into the system settings.

When I click on the wii settings I still get an internet page error. Could this be because I choose the wrong menu?

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Re: Semi Brick help!
December 02, 2009 08:22PM
You must have installed a system menu for the wrong region. Run AnyRegion Changer and see what your console area setting is. You need to install a system menu of this region. If you want to change your wii's region, go ahead, but make sure that the system menu you install is the same region as the console area setting.

AnyRegion Changer can install system menu 3.2 and all necessary IOSes, but it requires an internet connection to do this. Also, it requires a trucha bugged IOS 35 in order to change anything. If you have a newer wii, you must not install the system menu with AnyRegion Changer, as newer wiis can't run system menu 3.2 and will be fully bricked.
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