Not Bricked Yet... 3.4U -> 4.2
December 18, 2009 06:47AM
Alright I have been using bootmii/boot2 since the first beta and on firmware 3.2. I did ugprade to 3.4U and then I put my Wii away for quite awhile.

Finally took my Wii out again (heh) after a few month. Upgraded to the newest bootmii/boot2. Upgraded newest hbc channel. All set to go I thought for a firmware upgrade. Then the horror of 4.2 comes to light.

My Wii is definitely a first gen Wii, purchased within the first month of release. It be old. So I am definitely a target of this 4.2 patch aimed to fix the writable boot2 sector (at least I have read as such).

Now I took bootmii and made a NAND dump, got my keys. If I let the New Super Mario Bro's disc run its firmware update, the risk of having a big Wii brick seems to be to fairly high (since any risk is bad!).

With a 3.4U Nand dump and keys, is there any possibility of this Wii ever running again if this update fails? If a brick occurs this topic will be changed :)

Are all machines effected or is just the ones with bootmii effected? Really, the community needs to know. Are people with real unmodded (virgin) Wii's getting bricked?! If so then I would think that the update itself is the point of failure and not the homebrew.

So I am about to click "Wii System Update" from the New Super Mario Bro's disc I just happily bought, what are my being bricked chances?

I am a computer scientist btw so don't spare the gibberish!

I am quite excited to play a New Super Mario Bro's, being the first time I played was SMB1 on the NES in 1988 when I four at this exact same time of year :)

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Re: Not Bricked Yet... 3.4U -> 4.2
December 18, 2009 08:29AM
I don't believe there is any risk in updating...Unless you like to play jumprope with your wii's power cord.
Re: Not Bricked Yet... 3.4U -> 4.2
December 18, 2009 06:58PM
Heh well to be safe I hit irc and got some good help in using DOP-IOS to get to Sys menu 4.1. Still need to use gecko to boot NSMB tho.
Re: Not Bricked Yet... 3.4U -> 4.2
December 18, 2009 09:42PM
If you don't want the hassle of launching your games through gecko os, I believe that StartPatch can disable the disk update check when you insert your game.
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