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I'm screwed.

Posted by ultimateluigi987 
I'm screwed.
December 23, 2009 11:51PM
My disc drive failed in my Wii, so I sent it in to Nintendo. I had installed the HBC beforehand, but deleted it before I sent it in. I am over 9000% sure that the HBC did not cause the problem. However, when I sent it in they refused to repair it. Their words?

Upon examination of your system, our technicians determined that the system has been tampered with. Our technicians discovered that the product was altered by downloading of unauthorized software, such as the "homebrewā€¯ channel.

These types of alterations void the warranty. In addition, a system that has been altered is permanently damaged and cannot be brought back to its original working condition. As such, your only option would be to purchase a replacement.

This is BS because everything other than the disc drive worked before I sent it in. And my system was out of warranty anyways. So I've got three wishes options.

1. Buy a disc cleaning kit and see if if fixes the problem. (unlikely to work, but the best option financially)
2. Take it to Gamestop or somewhere else to see if they can fix it. (most likely to work, best option overall)
3. Buy another Wii. (this will cause data loss in SSBB and MKWii, and is very expensive)

Which option should I choose?
Re: I'm screwed.
December 24, 2009 03:47AM
Try 1... then 2... then 3.
Re: I'm screwed.
December 24, 2009 11:52AM
Alternatively you could try to replace the drive yourself, but without some experience of computer repair or something along those lines, I'd guess it may be a little tricky. I know I couldn't do it =D.

If you do end up having to go to option 3, you can use Savegame Manager to transfer saves from the old Wii to the new Wii, even those which are copy protected. You'll need to install cIOS first, you can use tona's PatchMii cIOS Installer for that.
Re: I'm screwed.
December 29, 2009 09:09PM
Try 2 gamestop and other game stores might fix it probobly Play N Trade idk if they do repairs but they might not care if u had the "homebrew channel" because i saw them selling stuff like pandora batterys and other stuff so yea :)
Re: I'm screwed.
January 12, 2010 05:51PM
buy new drive and replace yourself?
Re: I'm screwed.
January 13, 2010 01:17PM
dacotaco is right here.

That's the only repair Nintendo will do anyway, I think. In other cases, they just sell you a new Wii.
Re: I'm screwed.
February 03, 2010 07:18PM
Try 1 and 2, then try to replace the drive yourself (you already killed your warranty), then try 3.

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