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Black screen on homebrew

Posted by Cappo 
Black screen on homebrew
January 30, 2010 05:41AM
Hi.. I have dopped my IOSes except for IOS60.. I hope it's not considered a softmod since it doesn't play backups..
I used DOP-IOS v11.1 to DOP all IOS except for IOS60, which is my system menu IOS.
I can launch the Homebrew Channel, launch Bootmii as IOS, get to Priiloader, anything I already installed. I can launch disc games and channels.
I cant launch homebrew through HBC, though Indiana Pwns, thorugh Priiloader, or through Bannerbomb.
Launching homebrew through both HBC and Bannerbomb gives me a black screen and my Wii remote loses it's connection (for both methods).
Indiana Pwns gives me "Eventhook release failed with code 0", but then it goes on to "OK.", detects my boot.elf (which is the Hackmii Installer), says "Valid ELF image detected", then freezes. (Wii remote doesn't lose connection)
I tried launching SmashStack, but SSBB gave me a black screen.

I followed instructions from a gbatemp post that says I should to play newer games.. I won't trust gbatemp next time..
I want my sexy friend homebrew back, please help!
Re: Black screen on homebrew
January 30, 2010 05:44AM
GBAfail often makes it worse. What system menu do you have?
Re: Black screen on homebrew
January 30, 2010 04:35PM
You seem to have messed up IOS 36. Try launching a game that has IOS 36 in its update partition. It should offer to update. Let it update, and homebrew should work again. If this does not work, try a newer game, such as New Super Mario Bros.

Edit: Performing an online update should also work.

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Re: Black screen on homebrew
February 02, 2010 08:39PM
I'm on system menu 4.1 USA.

Okay, I'll find a game that has one. Thanks!
Why does a bad IOS36 cripple homebrew so badly?
Re: Black screen on homebrew
February 04, 2010 03:36AM
Indiana Pwns and Smash Stack depend on IOS36, as does lots of homebrew.

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Re: Black screen on homebrew
February 04, 2010 06:41PM
All libOGC homebrew loads IOS36 by default as soon as it starts, unless the developer explicitly instructs it NOT to, in which case it runs on the IOS that is currently running. HBC also loads all homebrew on IOS36 regardless afaik.
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