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How is this possible?

Posted by Mestizo 
How is this possible?
August 10, 2010 05:50AM
I was over my cousin's to check out how his Wii was after I updated it to 4.3 and his Homebrew Channel to 1.0.7. It seems to have been working fine, then he invited his friend over to play some Gamecube games. He plugged the Gamecube controller into slot 1 of the Gamecube port and, out of nowhere, the disc tray flashed blue, the power light flickered orange, then absolutely no lights turned on. I unplugged and plugged it back in, and the red light appears. I hit it, same problem. I then take the Gamecube controller out, and it worked perfectly. I then loaned him my spare Gamecube controller, and he said it's working perfectly.

How could that have happened? Both mine and his friend's gamecube controllers were third party, yet, when his friend's gamecube controller's plugged into the Wii, it temporarily bricks it.

EDIT: I know this has nothing to do with the updates. During the update process, and since then, I had a Wavebird plugged into my Wii, and it's still running great.

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Re: How is this possible?
August 11, 2010 01:56AM
I think the controller itself might be damaged in some way. Have you tested that same controller on a different Wii/Gamecube? I had an N64 and a controller my dad and me repaired, and while that particular controller was connected, the N64 would refuse to even turn on until you took out the control. I thought it'd be worth sharing.
Re: How is this possible?
September 01, 2010 02:59AM
its just the controller not the wii one of my n64 controllers is the same way (on N64)
Re: How is this possible?
September 01, 2010 12:36PM
Why the hell are you reviving old posts? You're not even adding anything relevant to these posts, only adding at most irrelevant questions to the matter. Just focus on your current FixMii thread or I'll have to report you.
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