Wii Update
April 05, 2011 07:57PM
When your Wii asks for an update, for example playing an original game that needs updating. Do all the updates come from online.

Would it be best for me to disconnect my online connection so that it can't be updated, or do some updates come straight from the disc.

I am asking this just in case my children update my wii without me knowing.
Re: Wii Update
April 05, 2011 09:47PM
There are updates that come from the disc. When the Disc Channel says there's an update it's because the game has an update. If you have the latest version of the Homebrew Channel you don't have to worry if your Wii gets updated. Also, games usually don't have recent updates for a while.
Re: Wii Update
April 05, 2011 10:28PM
I thought updates could brick your wii? So many people on here are complaining about updates messing their wii up.

How can I tell if I have the latest homebrew channel.
Re: Wii Update
April 06, 2011 12:42AM
If you have your wii connected to the internet and open HBC it will ask you if you want to update, if not I think when you open HBC look up top it should have the version and IOS your running.
Re: Wii Update
April 06, 2011 12:59AM
Updates won't brick your Wii unless you've done something stupid like downgrade.
Re: Wii Update
April 06, 2011 04:52PM
My Wii was 4.3e and was advised to downgrade it to 4.1. So I down graded it.
Re: Wii Update
April 07, 2011 01:29AM
You should NEVER downgrade. Use DOP-Mii to install (or reinstall) IOS80 and install System Menu 4.3. After that, update from the disc.

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Re: Wii Update
April 12, 2011 08:21AM
If you downgraded your wii to 4.1, be sure you did it proper and did not leave an ios70 stub above your sm 4.1. Having stubbed system ios above your current system ios/menu can cause bricks. Anyway, there is not one single reason to update your wii to 4.3 or higher, it just limits the exploits available to your wii. A wii that is on sm 4.1 has every exploit available should you wish to use it (except tp), this is a good thing. If needed a wii on 4.1 can run bannerbomb v1, bannerbomb v2, out of region game exploits, etc. Updating to 4.3 provides no known enhancements to your wii and only limits what you can use should you wish to use. God forbid you accidentally ran dop-ios v11.3-11.4 on a 4.3 wii, the dop-ios bug is none recoverable on a 4.3 wii do to lack of bannerbomb. You really really won't to keep bannerbomb functioning on your wii, as this bug has been reported once on dop-mii v15, who knows what could happen. It is best to have as many contingencies available to you should you need to use them. Don't update to 4.3 is you have a choice, no one can list a valid reason to do so, 4.1 is where everyone should be.

My advice, never ever ever update from Nintendo. Update any ios/channels you need by yourself with dop-mii or other. Never install stub ios, never delete ios or sm.

To prevent your issue with the update notice, you should install priiloader. Once priiloader is installed you should block all updates, online and disc. Caution should be taken when installing priiloader, make sure your wii is online when doing this or delete the meta.xml from the /apps/priiloader folder. This will make priiloader install with ios36 instead of ussing ABHPROT, but ios36 needs es-identify for this to work. v0.7 of priiloaded has been reported to fix this issue, so you should be safe, but is it best to use the proven method of installing with ios36 if your wii is not online and avoid modifying your wii with ABHPROT just to be safe.

That is what I would suggest, keep system menu 4.1, ensure you don't have a stubbed ios70/80/90, etc, install priiloader using ios36 without ABHPROT, never ever ever update from N again.

Also, don't forget, everyone loves system menu 4.3, but no one has a reason for this love.
Re: Wii Update
April 13, 2011 02:50PM
The point is that you are more than welcome to upgrade your wii using official nintendo updates to enjoy all the features without having to go thru all the hacker steps that some people don't want / know how to use. The HB chan will remain (if you have the latest version) and all will be fine.

Making it safe to upgrade using Nintendo's official upgrades makes it EASIER and non technical types much HAPPIER to not have to go thru 100 other steps.

it is horrible advice to say "never ever ever update from N again." Totally defeats the point.

That kind of advice is for folks that have done stupid or illegal things to their Wii... and if you fall in that category, you can either take the advice of others to get your wii back to a state of easy updates... or forever take the convoluted way when it comes time to want to use a feature.

The days of saying "never ever ever update from Nintendo" are done for now. (that'll change when a new update comes out that kills HB and then a new exploit will be released).

But you are entitled to your opinion. so it won't be censored, just made clear that it isn't the best way for all.

Some are still living in the old world where we recommended NOT upgrading with Nintendo's official updates... now we recommend you DO upgrade with Nintendo's updates. It's only a problem if you've followed other crappy advice in the past :D

WiiBrew recommends that you run the latest version of the HackMii Installer and then optionally update your Wii to 4.3 using Nintendo's official updater.

Only update using the official update procedure. Downgrading or installing patched updates is unsupported, dangerous, and may permanently brick your Wii.

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Re: Wii Update
April 19, 2011 01:07PM
Some are still living in the old world where we recommended NOT upgrading with Nintendo's official updates... now we recommend you DO upgrade with Nintendo's updates.
often unofficial updaters are worse then the official nintendo update system (*cough*wankerShit*cough*)
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