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Semi Brick

Posted by ziggyocd 
Semi Brick
June 24, 2011 11:51PM
When i Run ARC i get this error:

Identifying as SU...Error! ES_Identify (ret = -1017)
Initializing Filesystem driver...OK!
Error! ES_OpenTitleContent (ret = -1026)

I can press a button and get to the actual program but then I have another error

One thing is it's saying Warning: area/sysmenu MISMATCH!

If i change the IOS to USA it will give me a semi brick even though it says the Installed Region is "USA" when i know it's Europe 3.2

ARC will not let me change my game drive and region back to US. How do i do this. I understand this may not be the best place in the forum for answers, where should i post regarding problems with ARC?


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Re: Semi Brick
June 25, 2011 12:20AM
First off, explain this: Why do you want to downgrade your Wii?

Do you realise that there is ABSOLUTELY NO BENEFIT to doing so? And that there is NOTHING you can do on 3.2 that you cannot do on 4.3?

Anyway, the error is because the vulnerabilities in IOS that are used by AnyRegion Changer (ARC) are no longer present in any official IOS. ARC has never been updated for several reasons. First and foremost, it is UNNECESSARY. There is no reason or merit of downgrading the Wii. On some consoles it makes sense. Not the Wii.

The only thing that would ever be vaguely sensible to downgrade is an IOS, but even that is not necessary.

tl;dr - Don't downgrade your Wii. Chances are you'll brick it (i.e. completely broken, not functioning AT ALL), or at least leave it in a volatile state, ready to brick at the slightest mishap.

And your Wii is NOT semi-bricked. ARC not working is not a semi brick, or any sort of brick. A semi-brick is when you cannot access the Wii Settings menu from the System Menu.
Re: Semi Brick
July 08, 2011 05:19AM
You should not downgrade. If you wish to change the region of your wii you can do so, but you don't need to downgrade. Just install system ios 60/70/80, install elua channel for your region, install region select for your region, then install system menu for your region 4.1/4.2/4.3, I vote for 4.1. Then install priiloader. Then load ARC and change the settings to your new region. Do all of this without turning the wii off to avoid a semi brick. ARC runs on ios36, ios36 must have ES_Identify for ARC to function.

There usually is little reason to change the region, unless it is a JAP or KOR wii and you can't read the language. Otherwise you can use Homebrew to load any out of region titles you wish.
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