Help Please
August 02, 2011 06:23AM
Hi! Sorry if this isn't the right place [i'm new] but heres the skinny:

Ok so i was following a tutorial about priiloader and I had it set to "AUTOBOOT: installed file
and RESET TO [i think thats what it said]: Priiloader" the file wasn't working right and led me to a black screen, so I turned the Wii off and replaced the file, but when I turn it back on all there was was a black screen, and it won't let me return to priiloader or too anything else! also, when I started up the Wii, I noticed the fan would stop spinning after a few seconds. please help me
Re: Help Please
August 09, 2011 08:03PM
Turn the wii off. Hold reset and power the wii on while holding reset, priiloader should load. Set the autoboot to system menu, return to system menu. If priiloader does not load, you may have issues.
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