Random SemiBrick
August 15, 2011 09:06PM
I got a my wii with what appears to be a SemiBrick/Banner Brick

Every time i turn on the wii, i get greeted by the health/warning screen, but after pressing A, it fades to black and nothing more happens.
Priiloader does boot correctly at starttup, but there is no app or bootmii IOS associated to autoboot, so it just skips to system menu (and i lack of a NAND backup)

Booting into Manteniance Mode works just fine, i heard of message board corruption but i don't know how to fix that.

I deleted almost everything using AnyTitle Deleter DB 1.1 (That one that does let you delete certain system files), tho on most of the files i got a "No Ticket?" error, i did not deleted a few unnamed files, such as the one whose id is "DISC" and other i don't remember.

Since i don't get to manage to load properly the console, and the Internet update option does not work (i get Err 32004) I think i ran out of options to fix it

Any ideas?

PD: Possibly i broke it due to me trying to update all the system files using PMW, since i did not touched my modded wii in months (and i am sure most of this is not related to the problem, but well, i guess that some of this can help reaching a fix for it)

i have done everything, but i can't not get past the health screen, i will format the wii... but if the banner brick is still there, i can't use bannerbomb, since i lack of twilight princess or other exploitable game

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Re: Random SemiBrick
August 31, 2011 08:36AM
Load the wii into maintenance mode, then go to the wii settings and do a system format.

You may want to backup important savegames first.

Also ensure you do not have any priiloader hacks enabled that would give a black screen after the health screen. Do not do anything that will kill prilloader, such as re-installing the system menu. If you do reinstall the system menu ensure you reinstall the system ios, then system menu, then exit to the HBC and reinstall priiloader before restarting your wii.

The system format will probably fix your issue if maintenance mode is working for you.

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