Endless loading/formatting
October 27, 2011 07:29AM
I installed homebrew a while ago. I wasn't that tech-savvy when I did so - I just thought it would be neat to have. Now I realize that problems probably started happening after I upgraded to 4.3.

Certain channels and certain games will only function up to a point.. after which, they will refuse to advance. Usually, I encounter an endless load screen.

So, I removed the homebrew channel. But, I guess the traces remained on my system. The problems never really went away. The system boots fine. The menu loads fine. I can start a game fine. It's just.. after a certain point... endless loading (for most games. I can't even make it to the first level on Super Mario Galaxy 2. Metroid: Other M, on the other hand, plays fine.)

Eventually, I accepted my punishment for messing with powers beyond my comprehension. I decided to go for a full System Memory Format. Unfortunately..... once again: endless formatting. I waited and waited. After a while, I begrudgingly shut the wii off manually. I turned it on once more. Nothing had changed. Same problems. Except, I could no longer view the Wii Data Management screen.

I've been Googling my heart out for solutions, trying to recovery factory conditions, but it looks like I'm SOL because of the firmware on my system. Is there any hope?
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