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BRICKED WII. Corrupt files, etc.

Posted by DekuLink 
BRICKED WII. Corrupt files, etc.
November 14, 2011 11:59PM
Okay, so whenever I turn on my Wii, all I see is a black screen nothing else. However, if I leave my Wii on for about 40 minutes, and I restart my Wii, I see the health & safety info but when I press A, I get the "Wii system files are corrupt message." I've had problems with my Wii before (after installing homebrew update after my brother updated to the latest Wii Menu update). Usually when I tried to access the system options, it would give the corrupt system files message. I've also gotten this message upon starting up the Wii, but after a few tries it eventually worked.

EDIT: I just found out about the maintenance mode and I was able to start up the Wii in maintenance mode without any problems. If I try to access my Wii settings though, I still get the corrupt message. From what I've read, the next step is to use AnyTitle Deleter to delete my corrupt files, but how do I know which files are corrupt? And how do I get it onto my Wii? Just use homebrew?

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Re: BRICKED WII. Corrupt files, etc.
November 17, 2011 02:40AM
Do you know exactly what caused this, particularly if it could have been a region change? This is the most common cause of this sort of issue with the settings, though installation of a bad channel/WAD is usually the cause of the banner brick. If a custom channel was recently installed, I recommend uninstalling it (you can use AnyTitle Deleter, a WAD installer, whatever). However, I doubt that this is the issue.

Try reinstalling the system menu. This is most easily done with Dop-Mii. Of course, be sure to install the correct system menu for your region (taking into account whether a region change occured; if you want a different region, change it with AnyRegion Changer). Also, for safety, reinstall the system menu's IOS before installing the system menu (IOS 30 v1040 for system menu 3.2; IOS 60 v6174 for 4.1; IOS 80 for 4.3). As always, do not install 3.2 if you have an "LU64+" wii. If possible, installing Bootmii/boot2 first is advisable.
Re: BRICKED WII. Corrupt files, etc.
November 17, 2011 06:08AM
AnyRegion Changer will work on any System Menu version if you downgrade IOS36 to v1042. (That IOS may not work On so-called "LU64+" Wiis.)

As jbc said you should reinstall the System Menu. If that doesn't fix it then you should try formatting your Wii (back up any data you want to save).

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Re: BRICKED WII. Corrupt files, etc.
November 18, 2011 05:48AM
You have a message board brick, you need to format the wii system settings to fix.
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