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Theme Brick

Posted by kotaro22 
Theme Brick
November 27, 2011 12:14PM
HelPp, I have a 4.3u wii, I installed smashtack, Bootmii as Ios, there was no option for Boot2, I then installed Menufy app. theme, when I turned off my wii to test it, there was nothing but the black screen, I also extracted my Key.bins. using MMM (Multi Mod Manager), I tried the Savemii and it worked 4.3u(flashed at the bottom right), but my burnt Uudv2(Universal Unbrick disc) doesnt read I used a Memorex DvD-RW (4x 4.7GB) with Imgburn, when I insert the disc it spends and then it stops with one flash of the blue light from the drive when I turn on my Wii, please guys I need serious help with this wii.

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Re: Theme Brick
November 28, 2011 06:41AM
Unless you installed Priiloader at some point there's no way to fix your Wii. The unbrick disc would only work if you could run burnt games from the System Menu.
Re: Theme Brick
December 01, 2011 01:58AM
You can fix it by loading smash stack pal via savemiifrii, use discswap pwns or mario kart pwns.
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