Can i use savemii in my situation
February 04, 2012 03:24AM name is jason.i got a wii for christmas in 2010 and i installed the homebrew channel on 4.3u.i installed priloader right after that.after that everything was fine until i installed dop-mii.i didnt know that after you install a new system menu version priloader get erased.i downgraded to system menu version finished sucessfully strangely.after i exited back to homebrew channel i returned back to the system menu only to be greeted with a black screen.i turn the wii off and turn it back on and there is just a blank screen and i can hear the dvd drive working.after some research i stumbled across savemii.i also have a mario kart wii disc i bought and i still have it.i dont have a modchip.Will savemii work for me.i dont want to buy it and then find out it doesnt work for is fully bricked with a black screen.will savemii work for me and if so give me directions how to unbrick it with savemii.please help me as quickly as possible ASAP.thank you in advance
Re: Can i use savemii in my situation
February 04, 2012 04:56AM
Savemii will not work, your system menu's IOS is a stub. If you have a NAND backup and/or the keys saved somewhere you can send the wii to someone who can reprogram the NAND. Otherwise it is bricked beyond repair.
Re: Can i use savemii in my situation
February 04, 2012 09:01AM
Are you sure that I can't install an auto boot mod chip and create a recovery disc when the savemii displays the system menu version?i find it strange that I bricked my wii and dop-mii installed 3.3u sucessfully

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Re: Can i use savemii in my situation
February 04, 2012 10:03AM
As tueidj said, your Wii can't be fixed without a NAND and keys backup and a hardware NAND programmer. The System Menu IOS for 3.3 is "stubbed" in the 4.3 update. [Stubbed means a non working version is installed]. Therefore when you install 3.3, even if the System Menu installs successfully, you don't have a working version of the System Menu IOS. Without that, your Wii can't boot. As the Recovery Menu SaveMii accesses is part of the system menu, it is only useful with semi bricks were the System Menu can at least partially boot. (BTW, Priiloader wouldn't work in this instance either, even if it was installed - which it possibly was, I think dop-Mii at least offers to reinstall it for you when you install a different System Menu)
Re: Can i use savemii in my situation
March 14, 2012 05:08AM
I doubt ios30 is a stub, dop-mii would install a function system ios prior to the system menu. Sounds like you have a new wii that does not run on ios30-v2576. Who the hell downgrades to 3.3? I don't think anyone has ever tested, but perhaps the 3.3 ios are just as incompatible as the 3.2 ios on some new wii hardware. Or perhaps dop-mii installed ios30-v1040 instead of v2576, I doubt it though.
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