Fully Bricked Wii?
February 08, 2012 06:54AM
OK I think I've finally done it. I installed a media player .wad via the homebrew channel and on reboot I got the infamous "Wii System Files are Corrupted" after the power on warning screen. Unit does not have a drivechip in it though I am able to use the GC hack and get to the loader screen. I believe Bootmii was installed as an IOS however this doesn't seem to be much help as I did not install the truncha bug on this unit. Unit has Wii menu 4.3u

I don't know if it's much help but I also have access to another, older Wii unit that does have a chip in it (D2Pro) which I borrowed and have been using to try and test some of these fix methods, just trying to get the autoboot disks to work. This unit also has the Truncha bug installed as well as having BootMii installed as an IOS. However when I use the GC hack and get the loader screen (4.3u) the machine does not boot to any of the boot disks I've tried.

I tried the AutoBootMii disk, AutobootWad Manager and Universal Unbrick disk 2. I burn the images with IMGBURN at 8x so I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing wrong on that one.

Once the 4.3U screen comes up, I put in the burned DVD and wait but nothing happens. I've also tried inserting the DVD before powering on the unit and no luck there either.

My question is this:

Is the Wii bricked for good? Can the drive with the modchip be swapped out of the working wii to fix the bricked one?

Hopefully I've made some sense and not come across as a doofus.

Re: Fully Bricked Wii?
February 09, 2012 07:09AM
the wii can be fixed with a few different methods.

first see if it will boot up into maintenance mode. i doubt it will, but it is free to try and only takes a minute. if you are able to, then you can delete the offending channel however you want.

the next method would be if you already have a save exploit installed to your console ( Eri Hakawai, any of the lego ones, Yu-Gi-XXX ). you can set your modchip to autoboot and load the appropriate game from the black recovery menu, and trigger the exploit to load whatever program you want to delete the media player channel.

if you dont happen to have a save exploit already existing on your console, you can try the "fill up the nand and then try to install a channel" trick. basically you go to blockbuster and rent some games that are known to create huge save files. then boot them with the same method mentioned above and let them create a save. once you have your nand filled to a certain limit, you can boot mariokart or another game that has the ability to install a channel. and when you try to install that game's channel, it will say you need to clear up some space on your console, and kick you to the portion of the system menu that allows you to delete channels. and from there, you can delete the media player channnel.

the next method is to use smash stack PAL/KOR. it is a bit of a hassle because you first have to get on ebay or whatever and import the game. then you have to do a bit of trickery to get it to actually boot from a usa wii. once you have it booted, you can use the smash stack exploit to load whatever program you want to use to delete your channel.
Re: Fully Bricked Wii?
March 14, 2012 05:02AM
Bannerbricked wii's 4.1 and less can load the netflix dics when not networked, then netflix will take you to system settings. 4.2+ wii's only works on usa wii, probably could disc swap to load it if needed. For a usa wii the netflix disc is the easiest method. You can probably find it on ebay for super cheap.
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