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Cant reinstall HBC

Posted by xImortalxJokerx 
Cant reinstall HBC
March 28, 2012 10:36PM
well for some reason my sysconf got switched to J when my wii is 4.3u
none of my homebrew would load, not even Anytitledeleter or Anyregionchanger
so i tryed to format my wii by Deleting everythin off of it by formating it and
i tried to run the hackmii installer again but it freezes at the press"1" screen
i think my sysconf is still on J.
it would be useful if you guys could give me help..
Re: Cant reinstall HBC
March 30, 2012 06:19AM
Post the sd:\installer.log

did anyrgionchanger give you an error, like your sysconf is crap?

Also, what is and is not working for you? Is the system menu loading? Priiloader? Bootmii? You get the idea. Do you have boot2 bootmii?

It should be fixable, just post some more detailed info on your wii.
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