Wii won't boot (black screen) if bootmii is installed and sd card in.
June 05, 2012 12:53PM
ok guys I'm a newb to homebrew so please bare with me. i did letter bomb to my wii installed homebrew bootmii (and priiloader) but i have an issue.

if i power off my wii (i have wii stand by off) and i turn the wii back on. the wii won't boot? it will turn on but i just get a no signal on my tv. if i take my sd card out and boot it will boot fine.

i decided to uninstall bootmii as boot2 and fixed my issue. i can now boot my wii while my sd card is in.

2 questions one is, is it a most to have bootwii installed? and how can i get my wii to boot with bootwii installed and while my sd called is in? this is driving me nuts. thanks
Re: Wii won't boot (black screen) if bootmii is installed and sd card in.
June 05, 2012 03:50PM
It most likely means your SD card is somehow incompatible and bootmii gets stuck when trying to initialize it. It should eventually timeout and boot properly, but that might take several minutes.

It is highly recommended to install bootmii as boot2 (if your wii allows it). If you really can't bare ejecting the SD card when powering up the wii I would suggest getting a different SD card rather than leaving bootmii uninstalled.
bootmii is installed as boot2 i just copied everything on my sd card and tried a different sd card and booted right up into bootmii perfectly. weired that one sd card can do it but the other cant. they are both 2gb

one last question. is there a way to have bootmii installed but not have it boot to the menu? like i can ahve my sd card in my wii but it boots to either my HB channel or system screen? ( i have piiloader set to homebrew channel)

do i just remove the bootmii folder from my sd card and whenever i need to but into bootmii i just put the folder back on the sd card???

lmk and thanks for the quick reply :)
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