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Black Screeen when updating

Posted by Kbra 
Black Screeen when updating
September 09, 2012 08:17AM
Hi guys, today my wii bricked lol cause im kinda stupid but k here what happen, I had 4.1u and i had homebre channel with bannerbomb way, then i uninstalled darkcorp so i could install priiloader because i once reseted with priiloader still and darkcorp still and that cause me to not be able to update. but after i uninstalled darkcorp i went to update and some way it was updating lol, what happened nex was the black screen, my wii was 4.1u and it had homebrew i did not know u get brick while updating with HBC but it did so, now i still have bootme2 and i can access the HBC still, i DID not make a nand backup...., But i heard a way to go into Multi Mod Manager and from there to manage system menus and install 4.3, but there is my problem i dont know what system menu do i have, i still tried to install 4.1 with MMM and i got a error saying ios60 missing or something but i thing its stupped because i tried cchanging to it and it said it was stubbed lol, then i tried installing 4.3 and it started downloading its thing with the internet but then after like 2 minutes a error appeared and it could not be done. So now im stucked with the black screen still able to use bootme2 without nand backup but with HBC still. Any solution so i can fix this brick lol?
Re: Black Screeen when updating
September 09, 2012 08:37AM
From the HBC, load DOP-Mii and install the System Menu again. (You can install 4.1 again but really any version will work).
Don't mention darkcorp or "MMM" anymore as those are poorly made and not supported by these forums.
Re: Black Screeen when updating
September 09, 2012 09:37AM
Oh sorry for mentioning those i dont really get what i shud mention and not sorry lol, but hey instead of using dop-mii i did not think someone would reply so fast im using another thing called SciiFii but its updating to 4.2 its like the same thing right, i used a tutorial in spanish telling me to use that sciiFii but that dop-mii is better right?
Anyway its updating right now i hope this fixes the brick, and after this im going to try to update to 4.3 i just want my wii without homebrew again everything normal again lol. cousing gave me like 50 games. and BTW if you could give me a link to like a completely master guide to undestand everything about homebrew so i can do it for my friends, i would appreciate it. ty for the help anyway.
Re: Black Screeen when updating
September 09, 2012 10:21AM
Hmm hey about DOP-mii where exactly do i find the way to update the System Menu Version, i opened with the HBC and a installation of CIOS just prompts there, without anything about updating the system menu version.

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Re: Black Screeen when updating
September 09, 2012 09:11PM
No se permite cIOS en estos foros. Herramientas que las instalan, como SciiFii, no están permitidos. DOP-Mii le preguntará qué IOS que desea utilizar para instalar otros IOSes y usted puede escoger cualquier IOS. Después, un mensaje debe decir: "You have AHBPROT available for use", pulse A. El siguiente menú tiene una opción para el menú del sistema. Seleccione System Menu y se puede instalar cualquier versión que desee. No importa qué versión tienes, puedes instalar 4.3 si lo desea.

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Re: Black Screeen when updating
September 10, 2012 01:24AM
Ok pero que IOS instalo entonces si por ejemplo quiero instalar el System Menu 4.3, porque vi en la pagina que el DOP-mii igual te puede brickear el wii.
Re: Black Screeen when updating
September 10, 2012 07:29AM
DOP-Mii le preguntará si desea instalar el IOS necesario cuando se instala el menú del sistema. Para la instalación de 4.3 se le pedirá para instalar IOS80. Todo lo que tienes que hacer, asegúrese de que se instale IOS80 para 4.3, IOS70 v6687 para 4.2, o IOS60 v6174 para 4.1 (Debe hacerlo de forma automática).
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