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Posted by mauifrog 
April 08, 2013 05:02PM
Anyone know why a bricked wii with boot2 bootmii would load bootmii to a black screen with a flashing blue led drive light? But still loads other mini apps like cboot2 (fails to load ios), and nand formater (fails to install wads). Replaced bootmii folder, format sd card, new sd card, no joy.

edit- does anyone have a copy of the nand formater that only installed wads and did not format?

edit2- nand formater eventually installed a valid ios, but crashed on system menu install. cboot2 was able to load the installed ios and get the rest of the menu installed. System setting restore was able to fix the setting.txt restoring the menu. Boot2 bootmii and ios both still load to a black screen with blinking blue led drive light. In addition loading hackmii v1.0 via BB2 also results in a black screen with blue led drive light. HBC 1.03 was installed and is working, all apps and games appear to work as they should.

Is it possible to use nandbincheck on a nand dump from realwnd and the keys from a bootmii dump? Or use the keys to convert the realwnd dump to a proper nand.bin for bootmii to evaluate with nandbincheck?

Other than bootmii and hackmii, everything seems to work as it should.

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Re: bootmii
June 28, 2013 01:38AM
Does bootmii work fine before getting this problem and what brand of SD card what you using?
Check your SD card compatibility here [wiibrew.org].
You may check your NAND backup using nand check.
Re: bootmii
June 28, 2013 01:59AM
Please stop replying to old threads with useless information.
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