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DOP-Mii bricked my Wii (Fully)

Posted by WiiIsAwesome 
DOP-Mii bricked my Wii (Fully)
August 05, 2013 08:20PM
Hello again. I have a problem with my fully bricked Wii. I downgraded From 4.3 to 4.1 with Multi-Mod-Manager. That was fine. From 4.1 to 4.0 DOP-Mii gave an error
Nand:CreateFile (-102) Access Denied
or something.
So, I have no System menu. Thanks for your help.
P.S. Will Recovery Mode work?
If I had a lawyer, DOP-Mii creators would be sued.
So, Without Priiloader (Was going to get that) or BootMii as boot2, is it up to find hidden helpers? Or taking my neighbors Launch-Day Wii? Or, worst of all, Taking the Wii apart and writing Directly to the NAND chip from a PC? I don't even think that is possible! Let's see what we can do.

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Re: DOP-Mii bricked my Wii (Fully)
August 05, 2013 08:46PM
I am having the same exact issue , so I went on the hunt two days ago and found all the files I needed. Worked fine until I go to try to get in the system menu and NO way to access it even through booting and going into the recovery mode! I cant get online to update anything , no access online at all. Very frustrating! So I then tried booting into the bootmi through recovery and WOW now my system is completely bricked. Im thinking I need a break and come back later and maybe I'll think of something LOL! If I find any links or info Ill post them to you :) Good luck and let me know if you find anything! I even was willing to reinstall the factory default version...if you can find one . Nintendo wasnt much help. They can put on the software for you but wont let anyone else do it themselves. They were worried about the warranty but mine was bought in 2009 so im sure all warranty is voided and they have no downloads or software links on their site :(
Re: DOP-Mii bricked my Wii (Fully)
August 06, 2013 08:11PM
I guess I will have to wait. The bright side is, if there is no way to fix the Wii, I would ask my neighbor her's (she is too old to play it) only if it is that my Wii can't be fixed other then reflashing NAND, Nintendo Warrany, etc. Also, My neighbor's Wii is a Launch day one. AWESOME FOR BOOTMII/BOOT2!
Re: DOP-Mii bricked my Wii (Fully)
August 06, 2013 11:09PM
Yeah, you permanently bricked your wii. The only way to fix your wii is flash the NAND chip with working copies of another NAND chip and this process is very difficult and tedious. The NAND programmer to be repair. So do what ever you want or I recommend you buy just another wii console. You know wii U just released out and now wii is really chipper than before. Or search for someone who just selling a wii console since you already have all accessories.

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Re: DOP-Mii bricked my Wii (Fully)
August 14, 2013 08:41PM
SO HAPPY NOW! Got a Wii for around 50 dollars that is DVD AND BootMii/Boot2 compatible! But, it does have corrected pages and more Factory bad blocks. But who cares?
Re: DOP-Mii bricked my Wii (Fully)
August 15, 2013 01:13AM
You did it!!!!!! Good deal!!! And bad blocks, it doesn't really matter, so don't worry and enjoy.

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