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Full Brick

Posted by Kbra 
Full Brick
September 05, 2014 04:25AM
Hi guys, it's been a long since i picked up my wii and play, but today i just did, and i remember i bricked it lol.
It's been like 2 years since i last use it, the only thing i remember is i installed as bootme 2, there was 2 ways of installing it and i did it the bootme2 way, as far as i remember you could unbrick it, thats why i was lazy and never did it lol, but now i want to play again, but i don't know how to make it work again, can anyone send me a link for a tutorial on how to restore it? or tell me directly, i got the SD ready.
BTW guys i did a nand backup but i lost it, can this brick still be fixed?

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Re: Full Brick
October 02, 2014 03:03AM
Just letting you know, this place is dead. I got bored one day and came here :P

If you lost your NAND backup, you're screwed. Sorry, but there's not much you can do.
Maybe if you remember where it was located, you can use file recovery software to get back the nand.bin and keys.bin, but if that doesn't work, donate your Wii to the guys building the house next door :P
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