I finally bricked my Wii by uninstalling System Menu! HELP
April 19, 2015 01:55AM
Hello guys,
I bricked my Wii by uninstalling the system menu.I was messing with themes,and uninstalled the system menu.

I have:

BootMii installed as IOS
NAND Backup
No priiloader
A GameCube Remote

So what can I do? Can I get it to load BootMii I can restore the NAND?
Re: I finally bricked my Wii by uninstalling System Menu! HELP
May 24, 2015 01:49AM
Hmm... I'm not sure if this will work seeing as you have no system menu, but it's worth a try...

Plug in your Gamecube controller, and while booting up, hold down all 4 directions on the dpad (I seem to recall needing to open up the controller and removing a pin that prevents you from holding all the buttons). If you see a black screen with some numbers on it, you've got hope of fixing that wii. Just insert a disc that has an update on it like Mario Kart Wii or New Super Mario Bros, wait a while (give it about an hour to be safe), and your Wii should be restored. However, if the numbers don't show up, then your Wii is screwed. No Priiloader = No HBC access (which you can get to) = No DOP-Mii = No fix. BootMii as IOS is useless.

EDIT: Are you sure you uninstalled the system menu? That requires removing IOS80, IOS70 or any IOS with a number divisible by 10. Maybe you're just banner bricked. Do you get a "The system files are corrupted message"?

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