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Posted by tona 
August 01, 2008 12:48AM
Now that the forums are functional, I suppose it is necessary to have a formal note of opening.

Well, here it is:
Welcome to the Wiibrew Forums!

As you might expect, this is a forum for discussion pertaining to Homebrew software, its development, and reverse engineering on the Nintendo Wii platform. With this in mind, we hope the forum will be a useful resource to Wii Homebrew users, developers, and hackers alike.

Currently, the forum is only in an early stage. There is no definitive set of rules or guidelines yet. Over the next few days, however, these things should begin to appear throughout the forums.
For now, we can merely try to give you a general idea of what the rules will look like:
* Practice good forum etiquette
* Do not post information pertaining to piracy, "backups," or any other topic of questionable legal status
* Try your best to make topics and posts in the correct section of the forums

What happened to the "old" forums?
The previous Wiibrew Forums weren't serving the needs of the whole Wiibrew community to the extent that we had hoped. There were a number of issues to overcome, and the decision was made to start fresh. This time, we hope to have a working solution to fit everyone's needs as well as is possible. Please note, however, that this forum is not to be thought of as a "continuation" of the last forum. This is a new and different forum that merely took the place of the previous Wiibrew Forums.

That aside, please enjoy your stay here. We appreciate your participation in the forums.

PS: Mail isn't working at the moment, so we are manually activating accounts. If your account doesn't work, try again later.

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