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3 questions about...

Posted by mkarim85 
Re: 3 questions about...
February 25, 2009 05:42AM
Not necessary to edit your posts or anything. Just please in the future don't single me(or I suppose anyone else) out as a minsinformant for any reason other than giving out false info. Like I said, everything I mentioned was true. While they may not be Wiibrew's preferred methods or whatever, nothing about what I said was wrong or misinformed.

As for bg4545, all I said was Gecko wasn't necessary. I didn't say it couldn't do what he wanted. Just that he didn't need it. In case he didn't like it? Whatever.

Sure, Ari misses things. We all do. I would never hold it against him. I was just pointing out that my comments were relevant to the topic, and were in direct answer to TC's question about WADs while attempting to disclose as little info about the illegal applications of said WADs. There *are* some available that do fix the problems he mentioned. Again, I would never suggest using a WAD to accomplish anything. There are better, safer, and more legal methods.

Packages, referring to app packs that are one download and include several apps and other files to make your wii homebrew ready and more. I don't know what you would call them but packages, but whatever?

And the preloader question is still in the air for me. You mention far better alternatives. Like what? I use preloader right now because of all the testing and junk I do with my personal Wii(and my only wii) to make sure apps and files work before using them on my friends' Wiis. I've temp-bricked and banner bricked a couple times now and preloader has saved me countless times as well as make me confident to test these things.

But if there are better alternatives than this, I would very much like to hear about them.
Re: 3 questions about...
February 25, 2009 12:38PM
I really meant that there are better alternatives to what mkarim85 wants than preloader.

As for alternatives that do exactly what preoloader does: Heard of a little thing called bootmii right around the corner? Id wait 20 years for bootmii before I ever even consider preloader.

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Re: 3 questions about...
February 25, 2009 07:22PM
first of all, I want to thank Arikado and Zendeavor for trying to help me with this, maybe my doubts are silly but I have visited several forums and many people have these kinds of questions and no one responds
Re: 3 questions about...
February 26, 2009 02:44AM
ok, I already download the things you told me (for wii shop:Muzer version and Tona version, it´s the same?, Which is better?)for the mii channel the thing Arikado said,
and now the only thing I could not do is pass the game data from sd card game to the memory, how can I do?
Re: 3 questions about...
February 26, 2009 03:10AM
Tonas version is the latest version of the shop installer, so use that version.
Re: 3 questions about...
February 26, 2009 08:10AM
Yup, I have heard quite a bit about bootmii. Not sure exactly what functionality it brings, but that's because I'm too busy working on making the current hacks I use as efficient as possible, as well as safe.

As for copying your data, I'm not sure how to do it with Gecko OS. Somewhere there should be an option I would assume that allows you to remove No Copy flags, but don't take my word for it. Maybe Arikado can come back and throw this little bit of info our way =D
Re: 3 questions about...
February 26, 2009 07:20PM
thanks Zendeavor!. it´s the only question that remains for me, i hope that Arikado can help me
Re: 3 questions about...
February 26, 2009 09:19PM
I really only meant that you can copy save data to your SD card via the Wiis data management. No homebrew apps required.
Re: 3 questions about...
February 26, 2009 10:14PM
Even the ones that are flagged for No Copy? Don't you have to at least run something in Gecko OS or whatever to remove No Copy flags to allow the save data manager to copy them?
Re: 3 questions about...
February 26, 2009 10:41PM
You may be correct. I haven't played around too much with it. Goof around and you'll figure it out.
Re: 3 questions about...
February 27, 2009 12:56AM
like Animal Crossing and Castlevania, maybe with gecko os... but how?
Re: 3 questions about...
February 27, 2009 01:07AM
Again, if you just want to copy the save data from your Wii to your SD card, you can do so via the Wiis data magement.
Re: 3 questions about...
February 27, 2009 07:10PM
no from my Wii to SD card, from the SD card to the Wii, i know i can do that via the data magement, I have already done many times, but there are some games where you see this message:"this file can not be copied". in wiisave forums i found this methods:
"There is a far easier way uing GeckoOS 1.07b. Just load Gecko through HBC, in Rebooter option Change "Remove Copy Flags" option to Yes, restart with B, and Voila! when the console restart yo can copy all non-copiable files back and forth including save games as well as full channels."
and this:
"Step 1. Download Save Installer
Step 2. Rename the .elf file to boot.elf
Step 3. Put the boot.elf file into the root of your SD.
Step 4. Now put the SD card into the Wii.
Step 5. Load the Twilight Hack.
Step 6. Insert the game disc that needs the saved game.
Step 7. Push the RESET button.
Step 8. You now have the saved game."
and also this!:
"download Gecko Os 1.7b "BUT ONLY FOR" Wii firmware 3.1 / 3.2 / 3.3V1. [1-Download Gecko Os 1.7b and run it through the HomeBrewChannel] [2-Go in Rebooter Options (push A Button)] [3-On "remove copy flag" switch YES(with the D-Pad)] [4-Now push in "return to main menu"] [5-And Push the B button of the Wiiremote!] the wii will restart to the health and safety mess. Now you can copy this save form Sd-->Wii"

that is why I have this doubt, maybe you know if it is safe to do this
Re: 3 questions about...
February 27, 2009 09:15PM
Step3.5 Convert to a dol file
Step 5 Run app via the HBC

That should work for you if the information is correct.
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