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New to this? Put your newb questions here. 
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Read this if all you see is bubbles

by SifJar
6,534112/26/2012 03:21PM
Last Post by SifJar

Wii Homebrew Channel Installation Guide

by bg4545
34,464109/20/2010 07:19AM
Last Post by bg4545

Paying for homebrew is a scam!!!

by Arikado
11,797104/19/2009 10:26PM
Last Post by Arikado

FAQ & Troubleshooting Guide (Read Before You Post!!!)

by Arikado
33,314202/25/2009 11:09PM
Last Post by Arikado

Factory Reset a modded Wii

by futurem
1,502307/03/2016 11:57AM
Last Post by futurem

bootmii.com download link not active?

by anonaoeu
1,372306/15/2016 10:37PM
Last Post by RuKiddin06
This topic has been moved.

Wiki is down

by iggyvolz
  This topic has been moved.

I think I need to update the software on my Wii

by seanb
1,244205/05/2016 09:24AM
Last Post by tueidj

USB DVD drive

by liladude
1,505103/29/2016 06:33AM
Last Post by liladude

How to anti-brick Wii?

by HomieBrewChannel
1,618503/24/2016 12:40AM
Last Post by HomieBrewChannel

LetterBomb refuses to let me download it.

by SaintAckbar
3,741803/21/2016 02:51PM
Last Post by Loganferret

Can an Internet Channel exploit be possible?

by HomieBrewChannel
1,130303/11/2016 06:08AM
Last Post by bg4545

Not sure if I should install bootmii on IOS or not

by 3r0rfadeness
1,668102/22/2016 07:37PM
Last Post by 3r0rfadeness

Restoring a Wii

by Romano2K
1,601402/21/2016 07:37PM
Last Post by bg4545

Wii corrupting SD card when writing

by captainmullet
1,517202/21/2016 02:30AM
Last Post by HomieBrewChannel

[SELF-SOLVED]What is the usage of Segher's zestig?

by hugofestA
1,073202/07/2016 03:41PM
Last Post by hugofestA

Compiler question, not sure if goes to coding or not

by cpmoderator12345
1,016202/07/2016 01:47PM
Last Post by hugofestA

LetterBomb on Wii won't work with my remote?

by zeka16
1,633202/03/2016 06:25AM
Last Post by hugofestA

Problems with WiiSX 2.1

by Strawman
1,293112/10/2015 09:02AM
Last Post by Strawman

Wii home brew help

by Spnet
1,448111/08/2015 09:09AM
Last Post by Spnet

Snes9x GX trouble

by NoxNimbus
2,549210/31/2015 04:30AM
Last Post by bg4545

homebrew + bootmii2

by corrie
1,7781010/17/2015 06:35AM
Last Post by JjStAr

Homebrew disappearing after install

by Chaffette83
1,055310/17/2015 06:06AM
Last Post by Chaffette83

Where to find AnyRegion Changer offline system menus?

by Jelster64
1,390410/06/2015 05:31AM
Last Post by JjStAr

Banner Brick

by bonofico
1,312110/02/2015 09:26PM
Last Post by bonofico

I just installed Homebrew, now I'm stuck...

by Kanra
1,739209/28/2015 05:34AM
Last Post by JjStAr

4.3U SDHC 32Gb

by Lightbeast
1,188209/28/2015 05:29AM
Last Post by JjStAr

Just installed HBC etc; now scared to brick WII, Help!

by hylianspirit
1,198209/23/2015 06:16PM
Last Post by tueidj

letterbomb only worked once, accidentally exit without installing

by gnomos
1,495309/02/2015 11:38PM
Last Post by djs777saint

where are the zip files for FCEU & Snes gx

by djs777saint
1,244308/24/2015 11:54PM
Last Post by djs777saint

BannerBomb Wii3.3e Help.

by TooSpecial
1,690808/24/2015 08:15PM
Last Post by bg4545

New to Nintendo hacking.

by XeClutch
1,650108/17/2015 01:36PM
Last Post by XeClutch

Modding a game

by PonyDragon010
1,244108/09/2015 09:41PM
Last Post by PonyDragon010

Analog Question

by killedman
1,360108/05/2015 03:16AM
Last Post by killedman