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USB DVD drive

Posted by liladude 
USB DVD drive
March 29, 2016 08:33AM
Hi all,
las week I decided to install the Homebrew Channel on my red wii (4.3, IOS58) in order to be able to use wiiMC (yes, I am way LATE on the matter, but I thought I could get a personal play and entertainement center for my son in his room through the wii). Everything worked fine and I also got the wiiMC official Channel installed (with some issues because wiimc.org server was down in the meantime and I could not get to read their FAQ
Since I was hoping to get it read movie DVD I plugged my external DVD burner/reader, but all I got was wiiMC crashing.
I googled it around and somehow I was convinced that I needed to install CIOS 202 or 222 with uloader in order to have this working (shame on google showing 6 years old threads and tutorials in the first three pages ;) ).
After that I realized that CIOS were not needed, since USB driver support should be achieved thought the libraries of homebrew channel and not through CIOS (despite showing that DVD playback was enabled with 202...).
I have tested a few times with different results: sometimes the wiiMC sees the driver and can load the disk, I get the menus and I can play the movie, sometimes it can only be done after I run uloader on the device, get it tell me it's a wrong disk (well, it's a MOVIE!), sometimes it just crashes and reboot in 8 seconds.
I know this is not a CIOS support (but I would love to get rid of them), so I am just asking about external DVD drive support: in the old wiiMC forums (now they are up again) there are infos about the library being developed through homebrew libogc and a test application for devices, but link to test application no longer work and thread is so old that it applies to version 1.11... Here I cannot find any info on external dvd drive in the past year, and I could fing nothing useful in the earlier posts...
I'm not sure if I should address my question to application forum since the wiiMC forums looks dead to me, so please bear with me if this is not the right place.
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