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BannerBomb Wii3.3e Help.

Posted by TooSpecial 
BannerBomb Wii3.3e Help.
June 11, 2015 12:40PM
I have a Wii on version 3.3e. I have seen people get theirs working with bannerbomb to launch hackmii and get the homebrew channel.
I cant update. And I don't have access to any games to get an update.

I am using a micro SD in an adapter. The Wii recognizes it and reads from it seemingly fine.
I have Hackmii installer V1.2. And Banner Bomb V1 as it is meant to work with Wii versions 4.1 and lower.

I have followed the instructions and I have set up my SD card the way they show. With the private folder being the only one in the root, along with the boot.elf file for hackmii.

When I try run it through the Wii it goes all the way to the "scam" message. Then freezes.
It does not even give me the option to press 1.

I have seen on Youtube that this sometimes takes a minute or two before it pops up. But I have left it at this screen for about half an hour and nothing comes up.

I have formatted the SD card a few times. I have also formatted the Wii and this has not helped.

I have tried all the different versions of Bannerbomb V1. Some will freeze before bringing up the "scam" screen. And all of the ones that do seem to work, they only go as far as the "scam" screen, but never give me the option to press 1.

I have looked around and can see people saying there 3.3e is working with all this but find no answers as to how they got it running. They were older posts of course, so I'm thinking that maybe I need older versions of the Hackmii and the bannerbomb software. But I cant seem to find it. Everything is either a link to porn/ a virus or the official sites which only have the newer versions.

Can somebody who has managed to get their 3.3e system running without updating to 4.2 give me some help on this matter.

Thanks if anybody can.
Re: BannerBomb Wii3.3e Help.
June 11, 2015 03:10PM
The Hackmii installer simply will not work with a system that old, it needs to be updated.
Re: BannerBomb Wii3.3e Help.
June 12, 2015 12:47PM
If I log online and do the auto update through the Wii system itself. Will it give me the latest software or will I be able to choose which version I want. I see that people recommend version 4.2. I don't want to update to far and not be able to use the hackmii installer. Any advice on this. I cant get any games where I am, to try and update that way.
Re: BannerBomb Wii3.3e Help.
June 12, 2015 11:28PM
The installer works with the latest available update.

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Re: BannerBomb Wii3.3e Help.
June 13, 2015 11:45AM
Ok great. Will get on that then. Thanks. So I assume I would just need to use letterbomb instead. Or is there a different way to do it via sd cards.
Re: BannerBomb Wii3.3e Help.
June 14, 2015 12:48AM
Yes, use Letterbomb instead.
Re: BannerBomb Wii3.3e Help.
August 23, 2015 01:07AM
Hi TooSpecial,

I have the exact same problem!
Have updating to 4.3 and using letterbomb work for you?

Thanks in advance!
Re: BannerBomb Wii3.3e Help.
August 24, 2015 08:15PM
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