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homebrew + bootmii2

Posted by corrie 
homebrew + bootmii2
October 14, 2015 05:55PM

I just need a quick clarification as I am very new at this ..

Before I start I hope that my post is not transgressing any rules here, but if I unwittingly have can the moderator please delete the post.

So here goes fingers crossed. I have successfully installed bootmii 2 onto my SD card and can now boot the Wii leaving the SD card in the SD slot.

I just need to know that the following is OK .. when I select "the homebrew channel" circled in RED jpg attached, nothing at all happens but if I select the WIii button then I get the Wii channels after selecting A on the Wii remote .. is it OK to accept that "the homebrew channel" RED circle is basically a redundant selection/button ?

Quick Summarry of my question

1) Wii = Button works I can boot the Wii

2) the homebrew channel = After selecting it just stays black ( nothing on the screen )

3) SD = Menu, i.e it works I see black text on a white background menu.

4) Gears = Allows you to backup or restore the Wii from the SD card .. it works.

Thank you for looking

Re: homebrew + bootmii2
October 15, 2015 11:16AM
There's no such thing as bootmii "2".
Do you actually have the homebrew channel installed?
Re: homebrew + bootmii2
October 15, 2015 03:03PM
I did say that I was new at this and I am clearly showing my lack of knowledge here.
What I have done is install HackMii installer ( jpg ) attached called Bootmii
And that allows Boot2 to be installed (jpg attached) but please correct me if I have that wrong as well.
Yes I have the homebrew channel up and running so I assume that I need not worry as it seems as though my question is irrelevant .
Re: homebrew + bootmii2
October 15, 2015 05:51PM
You're using an old version of the hackmii installer, your screenshot shows v0.2 while the current version is v1.2. Use the new version to reinstall both bootmii and the homebrew channel.
Re: homebrew + bootmii2
October 15, 2015 06:48PM
OK My fault again, I should have been much more clear

I will get this right just bear with me

The screen shots are examples of what I found on the net just to visualise what I saw when I went through the install
I have already used the Hackmii installer latest version .. the top jpg was an example of what I went through as I completed the process, I can see why you thought I had installed version 0.2 as that is what the jpg says ( this was meant to be an example ) just to show what I had been through.

I have an SD backup and within the apps folder is a folder called HackMii installer ( 8 files ) all dated 08/12/2012.
Within the root of the SD I have a bootmii folder ( containing 2 files dated 28/07/2010 armboot.bin & ppcboot.elf )
Finally within the root of the SD card I have a boot.elf and a bootmii.elf file both dated 08/12/2012

I also have lots of other folders in the ROOT of the SD card but I was really concentrating on the subject I raised.

Again just to point out that I can use the homebrew channel with or without the SD card

I hope this helps
Re: homebrew + bootmii2
October 16, 2015 01:28AM
The files in the bootmii folder are from an old version. Delete them, run the hackmii installer again and reinstall bootmii. Do NOT skip the "prepare sd card" step.
Re: homebrew + bootmii2
October 16, 2015 11:58AM
I tried running the HackMii_Installer but what I need to appear when running it is option (1) so that I can continue but that option never appears ,so I ran a programme called ModMii and it did report back after looking at a sysCheck file, that I needed 2 folders bootmii and HackMii_Installer and all the files those folders contained which I downloaded and replaced on my SD card.

Running the HackMii_Installer again (I get the same thing) no option (1) ?? Somewhere along the line I have done something wrong but it does not seem to have caused me major damage as the homebrew channel works once the Wii has booted it’s just that I cannot select the homebrew channel from the option (first post and jpg) from my initial post.

It looks like I may well have to live with it … incidentally the new downloaded bootmii files folder have the same dated files as the old folder I replaced which is very odd, it could be that my HackMii_Installer is causing the problem.

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Re: homebrew + bootmii2
October 16, 2015 12:15PM
ModMii does some things we don't support here. Just use this site to get everything you need: [please.hackmii.com]
Re: homebrew + bootmii2
October 16, 2015 05:49PM
Before I install the homebrew channel ( thanks for the link ) .. I have quite a few apps that I have spent a long time compiling along with wads etc

Once I have installed the homebrew channel, will it be a matter of just copying those app folders back to the root of my SD ? no matter what happens I am going to re install the homebrew channel again as I have clearly gone wrong some where.
Re: homebrew + bootmii2
October 17, 2015 08:35AM
We don't support WADs here.
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