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New to this? Put your newb questions here. 
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Problem with installing Homebrew Browser :(

by bludas
2,705209/11/2013 05:30PM
Last Post by bludas


by MattS1986
2,655309/04/2013 01:05PM
Last Post by ginipig

Newbie questions: Netflix and USB

by Quispaul
3,098308/30/2013 07:48PM
Last Post by SifJar

message friends?

by arco
2,684308/30/2013 07:41PM
Last Post by SifJar

Loading Games on modded Wii

by Keneye
3,227208/22/2013 02:59AM
Last Post by tueidj

ACCF Error code 60000

by sandie627
2,601208/17/2013 12:08AM
Last Post by sandie627

Bootmii will not run

by ksylvan
2,518208/16/2013 12:06PM
Last Post by ksylvan

Nintendo Channels and services Are Over

by syc20099
4,3201108/14/2013 12:06AM
Last Post by syc20099

New and Ignorant

by Noob13027
3,021208/08/2013 12:47AM
Last Post by JjStAr

cant load my n64 game files

by ChicanoMcFeel
2,723308/01/2013 01:23AM
Last Post by bg4545

Is there any way to adjust internet settings outside of setting menu?

by Skymin50
2,700107/29/2013 08:35AM
Last Post by Skymin50

Problem with the HomeBrew Browser

by JccOldTime23
3,4901107/27/2013 11:38PM
Last Post by JjStAr

wii 3.3u shopping channel update? (trying 4 netflix)

by mr_fm3
2,858207/27/2013 02:33PM
Last Post by tueidj


by baba_944
2,994407/23/2013 03:09AM
Last Post by baba_944


by Pissedoffguy
2,885307/19/2013 10:40AM
Last Post by gave92

HBC-WiiXL works great, but now discs not read

by TulsaTV
2,719207/13/2013 12:47AM
Last Post by JjStAr

homebrew installation help.

by ralph
2,725107/12/2013 04:01AM
Last Post by ralph

GTC File Help

by jewell012
2,749207/04/2013 08:09AM
Last Post by tueidj

Cant figure out homebrew browser channel install, Can you?

by jpwii
5,832407/03/2013 11:51PM
Last Post by jpwii

New to Modding

by wiiwiked
2,870407/03/2013 09:54PM
Last Post by syc20099

Boot.elf and Boot.dol not loading

by thebluescreen
8,5441107/03/2013 06:02PM
Last Post by syc20099

I have a problem. Help me!

by cngjsska3095
3,069507/03/2013 05:32AM
Last Post by tueidj

Preloader failed to get root aborting misson

by Videodude747
3,444607/02/2013 08:23PM
Last Post by tueidj

Questions about the SD card for Wii modding

by crawmerax
3,379307/02/2013 06:20PM
Last Post by WiiIsAwesome

Letterbomb No Longer Works?

by TriggerEXE
3,513306/30/2013 02:57AM
Last Post by TriggerEXE

Installed Homebrew - Now I have a question

by GFooChombey
2,700306/24/2013 07:38AM
Last Post by GFooChombey

new to both site and modding

by cgensix
2,532206/09/2013 10:29PM
Last Post by SifJar

Bootmii HELP Please!

by syc20099
2,786306/05/2013 04:01AM
Last Post by syc20099

BootMii as Boot2 HELP

by iOSJailbreaker
4,220706/04/2013 05:23PM
Last Post by SifJar

Homebrew Install Help?

by SnakeCake
2,876506/04/2013 06:32AM
Last Post by bg4545