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New to this? Put your newb questions here. 
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Forecast Channel

by Lonewolf17a
2,231306/04/2013 06:29AM
Last Post by bg4545

Wii Shop Error 205958 How to fix?

by syc20099
3,486306/04/2013 01:29AM
Last Post by syc20099

Ready to Mod, but What happens to my VC / WiiWare?

by crawmerax
2,165205/30/2013 10:00AM
Last Post by tueidj

Semi bricked problems

by piff1042
2,142105/27/2013 11:00AM
Last Post by piff1042

DSI error only with nunchuck?

by SlimDandy
2,4841105/24/2013 01:07AM
Last Post by SlimDandy


by vesper_bell
2,000305/21/2013 10:40PM
Last Post by vesper_bell

help me!

by dodobirdie
1,941205/10/2013 07:44AM
Last Post by bg4545


by wii_newbie
2,262505/08/2013 04:44AM
Last Post by wii_newbie

BootMii as boot2

by joshuadubya
2,424504/25/2013 08:41AM
Last Post by joshuadubya

New to brew need help accessing file system

by Yaesu
2,193204/25/2013 07:49AM
Last Post by metroid_maniac

Snes9x help

by hahaketchup
2,490404/17/2013 08:12AM
Last Post by metroid_maniac


by Timelord_Skylord
2,348404/11/2013 11:17PM
Last Post by mauifrog

Does Gamecube Wavebird work with Homebrew apps?

by erreeves
2,418403/30/2013 05:38AM
Last Post by HatNJ

Netfix problems

by mcvpjd3
1,977203/30/2013 01:24AM
Last Post by bg4545

Upgrading old Homebrew System

by Saderax
2,098203/29/2013 03:27PM
Last Post by SifJar

HackMii NAND backup

by surfinbird
2,247303/24/2013 01:47AM
Last Post by surfinbird

files question

by zimrsz
2,106103/23/2013 09:27PM
Last Post by zimrsz

Homebrew not working with the Interworks Pro U Controller

by DTY16
2,847403/21/2013 10:11PM
Last Post by erreeves

Laggy videos?

by howrandom
2,094303/18/2013 07:05PM
Last Post by howrandom

Something Weird Happened (Two Stupid Questions)

by Daluigi205
2,158403/15/2013 09:31PM
Last Post by metroid_maniac

Lost original sd card

by Fluffjfc
2,086203/11/2013 04:18AM
Last Post by tueidj

Homebrew Installed BootMii Not - MotionPlus

by bowsermutant
2,928102/26/2013 12:58AM
Last Post by bowsermutant

Wii is not recognizing SD card

by felchy
2,580302/22/2013 07:36AM
Last Post by bg4545

Playing roms off DVD?

by burroughs
2,404102/21/2013 07:53PM
Last Post by burroughs

Homebrew on Dolphin

by Pixels
3,721202/13/2013 12:32AM
Last Post by SifJar

Novice - Want to use Wii as a DVD player V4.3U

by dlp502
10,1701102/11/2013 03:19AM
Last Post by evoblade

Redirect EmuFlow to Another Channel

by neim81094
2,528202/10/2013 03:33AM
Last Post by tueidj

Hackmii Installer "Exception 0400 occured!"

by 3msinclair
3,050702/09/2013 06:47AM
Last Post by mauifrog


by dube70
2,033202/07/2013 12:10AM
Last Post by SifJar

Genesis Emulator - Two Player

by thefalk55
2,077102/06/2013 03:54AM
Last Post by thefalk55