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Posted by wii_newbie 
May 07, 2013 04:16PM
I would like to install homebrew channel. I have one confusion though.
The website:
says bootmii can be installed in boot2 in newer wiis(under changelog 1.1.2)
But other official website says otherwise(can not install bootmii as boot2)

I have newer wii(the one bundled with new super mario bros, and has gamecube compatibility removed), and would like to install bootmii as boot2 for backup NAND(in case I screw things up). So, which information is correct?
Thanks in advance
Re: confusion
May 07, 2013 06:12PM
You cannot install BootMii/boot2 on new Wiis. The changelog entry is referring to a bug which stopped "newer" Wiis (that were still old enough to install it) from installing it.
Re: confusion
May 07, 2013 07:36PM
Thanks for clearing my confusion.
Well, that is unfortunate. Hopefully I won't do anything stupid to brick my wii.
I think I am well prepared(I hope), and will follow instructions closely to install homebrew and other apps, so hopefully it will go well.

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Re: confusion
May 07, 2013 09:28PM
As long as you're careful, there is little to no risk in using homebrew. Always read plenty about what you're about to do, and if you're not sure about something, feel free to ask here. There'll usually be someone happy to help you within a day or two (these forums aren't all too active these days).
Re: confusion
May 08, 2013 04:44AM
Thank you for your valuable advice.
I will always keep that in mind, and make sure to ask if I'm confused about something. :)
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