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New to this? Put your newb questions here. 
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What do I have and can I upgrade

by Ramin
2,626101/05/2014 06:12PM
Last Post by Ramin

Fix wii semi-brick using HBC or easily. Don't know system menu firmware version. Can't access settings

by Karanzs
2,508112/26/2013 07:56PM
Last Post by Karanzs

Beginning homebrew

by Firestarter
2,669112/23/2013 10:56PM
Last Post by Firestarter

Advise for a system update

by Sopax
2,427512/22/2013 06:03PM
Last Post by Sopax

Sd card files disappear upon insertion into wii

by bulletreaper117
2,452212/13/2013 09:53PM
Last Post by tueidj

looking for a wii hack expert

by sandmountain
2,540212/11/2013 01:48AM
Last Post by bg4545

homebrew browser won't load!

by derp42
2,635312/10/2013 02:01AM
Last Post by MarioEvo

Angry Birds Star Wars - Wii System Update Needed?

by beej808
3,009212/03/2013 07:10AM
Last Post by tueidj

Softmodded Wii, need help updating store

by magetf
2,658212/02/2013 11:19PM
Last Post by beej808

How do I add wiihacks...

by BerzerkJ
2,428111/30/2013 10:05PM
Last Post by BerzerkJ

4 discs not working.

by BerzerkJ
2,313111/29/2013 05:02PM
Last Post by BerzerkJ

Possible hardware failure or brick.

by calix
2,444111/26/2013 05:32AM
Last Post by calix

Problems getting Letterbomb to work

by zsnex
2,945211/18/2013 01:23AM
Last Post by tueidj

Softmodded lost sd card...

by ResidentEvil1987
2,269211/15/2013 03:14PM
Last Post by SifJar

Wii Disk drive locked out?

by wiinoob
2,675411/14/2013 03:01PM
Last Post by wiinoob

I'm new :3

by AlexOnNintendo
2,571111/07/2013 09:22AM
Last Post by AlexOnNintendo

dead game apps?

by lizcasxmp2
2,218211/07/2013 01:31AM
Last Post by lizcasxmp2

Gecko OS not loading game

by flord10
2,657111/05/2013 12:33AM
Last Post by flord10

Noob Help Topic

by GreatSaiyaman
2,560410/31/2013 09:24PM
Last Post by SifJar

installing us shopping channel on 4.3E - Installing Hulu

by seahorse
3,285410/14/2013 12:09PM
Last Post by seahorse

Trying to DL for the 1st time and...problems

by wiibaron
2,723310/12/2013 01:03AM
Last Post by bg4545

Can I go back to factory settings

by richcarl32
3,0861310/11/2013 03:16PM
Last Post by SifJar

Is it possible to change my wii region to Korean wii version?   (Pages: 1 2)

by syc20099
6,7642110/11/2013 01:58PM
Last Post by UK777

Problem with fread

by protomank
2,526610/03/2013 06:10PM
Last Post by protomank
This topic has been moved.

Unsure if this will get me banned or not? (backup?)

by manofperson
  This topic has been moved.

Disc Drive broke

by broadsword
2,242309/29/2013 05:44AM
Last Post by tueidj

USB bd-rom

by ipwn
2,625409/22/2013 04:53AM
Last Post by tueidj

Homebrew Browser Stalls at Update

by davrem
2,682209/22/2013 03:05AM
Last Post by JjStAr


by Joerihavo
2,425209/22/2013 02:48AM
Last Post by JjStAr

Problem with my new Nintendo Wii that came from europe, black and white screen menu and games

by erickwii
2,594309/14/2013 11:36PM
Last Post by bg4545